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liquideIf you are looking for one pound e liquid that produces an awesomely flavoured vapour you are in the right place with E Liquid UK. We offer cheap e liquid that is both affordable and high quality, making vaping an even more attractive alternative to smoking. If you’re looking to switch to vaping it has never been easier.

We offer a wide amount of choice in terms of flavours as well as base types, with plenty of high VG (70% VG / 30% PG) e liquid and 50% VG / 50% PG e cigarette liquid choices. This means that you may customise your vape to suit your own needs.

With high levels of customer service, fast dispatch and cheap e liquid available, E Liquid UK is the perfect place to pick up eliquid that will make your vaping experience out of this world!

 ISO Class 7 Facility

ELiquidUK’s liquids are manufactured in the UK within an ISO accredited Clean Room facility.

Pharma Grade Nicotine

ELiquidUK’s liquids are manufactured using only the highest quality EP/USP Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine.

Quality UK Flavours

ELiquidUK’s liquids are manufactured using only the best flavourings made for electronic cigarettes.

Batch Tested Liquids

We send our ELiquids for testing to a UKAS laboratory to ensure the highest quality liquid is produced.

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  • The PG/VG Question

    Many vapers, new and old come to us with the PG/VG question. They all want to know which is best for them. We’ll look at each base option separately in a moment but the ballpark answer is that neither is best or better than another, they both offer excellent vaping experiences, it just depends on […]

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  • Safe Vaping For All

    When it comes to vaping you will have no doubt have seen some pretty damning deadlines. There will have been dramatic explosion stories, stories of vaping causing popcorn lung and more. We’ll go through all of these below. This piece is about debunking the myths around e liquids and e cigarettes and offers trusted information […]

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  • Sweet E Liquid For All

    If you are someone who loves a sweet treat but aren’t keen on calories and guilt, our range of sweet e liquid could be just what you’ve been looking for. With high VG e liquids and 50% PG/ 50% VG mixes, you have the opportunity to enjoy some seriously great tasting sweet vapour at any […]

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  • Affordable Vaping Enjoyment

    One of the big pulls when it comes to vaping is the affordability factor. Vaping is indeed the more affordable option when you compare smoking and vaping. We look at ways to maximise your vaping savings, from choosing one pound e liquids to asking family for your favourite e liquids for Christmas. Vaping is already […]

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  • Could Vaping at Work Get the Green Light

    Earlier this year Public Health England, the government group responsible for all matters relating to public health, including public health campaigns such as Stoptober, released a telling review. This review centered on vaping and how it is a valid and suitable alternative to smoking that should be encouraged. PHE announced their finding that vaping is […]

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  • Switching to Vaping

    Vaping exists as an alternative to smoking, a way to help adults move away from the harmful effects of tobacco cigarettes by offering a new, cheaper and healthier way to enjoy a different hobby which still hits all of the right enjoyment spots. Switching to vaping from smoking is easier than going cold turkey and […]

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  • Winter E Liquid

    When it comes to vaping there are many benefits for you to take advantage of, for example, a more affordable hobby (compared to smoking) and the ability to choose your e liquid flavours. Change your mind and your cheap e liquid (thanks to our one pound e liquid range) as often as you like. Have some […]

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  • English Smoking Rates Drop

    Reports have confirmed that English smoking rates have dropped. Data from 2012 showed that as many as 19.3% of adults in England were smoking. By the end of 2015 this number has dropped to 16.9%, a significant drop in just three years. According to PHE (Public Health England) the current number of people smoking in [...]
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  • How Do You Choose the Correct E-liquid Strength?

    How Do You Choose the Correct E-liquid Strength? If you’ve got to the stage of having to consider which e liquids you want and need the chances are you’ve already made or are making the move over from traditional tobacco cigarettes. You won’t be sorry! Not only is vaping a cleaner and more affordable smoking [...]
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  • Are Electronic Cigarettes Difficult to Use?

    When smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette, you open the packet, you light a match (or use a lighter) to *light the cigarette and you smoke it. Simple enough. Vaping might sound a lot more complex however once you know what’s what you’ll wonder why you didn’t convert earlier.

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What Our Customers Say

Great liquids at the best price. Can't get cheaper than a £1 for a 10ml bottle of UK made liquid and they taste awesome. Will be back again!