Moving From Tobacco Cigarettes to Electronic Cigarettes

Giving up smoking is universally recognised as one of the more challenging experiences many will strive to undertake. It may take smokers a number of tries to give up, if they do manage it and willpower is a significant factor.

Results of a  recent study which featured researchers taking a type of MRI scan of the brain while the test subjects were smoking an e cigarette were used to conclude that giving up the physical act of smoking has as much to do with the enjoyment of the habit and not simply an addiction to any chemicals present when smoking.

If the habit is the “problem”, being what people enjoy the most then why quit at all? Why not switch from tobacco cigarettes which are well known to contain a number of harmful chemicals, tar and nasty by-products over to e cigarettes which contain none of these things? In a typical e cigarettes you will find flavourings (anything from rum and raisin to a tobacco variety), nicotine in varying levels and a odourless and tasteless base solution such as propylene glycol.

Choosing The Best Electronic Cigarette For You

There are two main types of electronic cigarettes or e cigs to choose from. Which is “best” dependants entirely on personal preference as both are free from WTAs (whole tobacco alkaloid) which are known to be harmful.

1) A refillable e cigarette. These often come in a starter pack which contains everything needed for the smoker transitioning over to e smoking for the first time.
2)    Disposable e cigarettes. These, as the name suggests are pre-filled e cigarettes which may be used until finished with (many last for up to 400 puffs) and then may be discarded in favour of a new disposable e cig.

How Does the Body React to E Smoking

Everyone is different. Some find the transition from a traditional tobacco e cigarette to an e cig easy, especially if they choose the right type of e cig, strength and flavour for them. Others find the adjustment a little harder and it may take a few weeks for e smoking to be as natural to someone as their previous habit was. It is certainly worth the effort of staying with it however.

The habit as much of the chemicals is what keeps people smoking therefore it stands to reason that changing from tobacco cigarettes to e cigarettes should be significantly easier mentally and physically than giving up smoking cold turkey altogether. It is important to remember though that it will take a little time for the body to flush out the toxins it was previously used to inhaling and absorbing and that this withdrawal may take a little effort.

Thankfully switching over to e smoking allows an individual to enjoy the habit without the chemicals and without inflicting the chemical by-products via passive smoking on those around them.

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