Christmas can be a wonderful time of year. There’s great food, time with family and friends, music, more food and if you are very lucky there may be some gifts. This guide to Christmas vaping tackles everything from getting started if you’re a newbie this Christmas to how to be a sociable vaper.

New To Vaping This Christmas? Don’t Worry!

Is Santa bringing you an e cigarette for Christmas? If so the chances are that you already know this. Few people surprise a smoker with an e cig for Xmas in the hope that they will suddenly decide to give up tobacco. We doubt it would go down well if they did! We’re guessing that if you are just switching to vaping and getting kit for Christmas it’s because you’d told a loved one that you are ready. 

When it comes to starting vaping or just trying out a new device, the advice is the same. Read the instructions! E cigarettes are very easy to use once you know-how but if this is your first or you’re trying a box mod or pod mod for the first time it pays to do your homework first. All e cigarettes will come with basic manufacturer instructions. Many are plug and play devices, especially if you have a starter kit but do check as there are many different features available. You don’t want your Christmas vaping to be anything but incredibly enjoyable.  

Vaping on the Go

Many people find themselves on the go at Christmastime. This might mean travelling to spend Christmas with family and friends, the work Christmas party, being out and about doing the shopping and everything else that comes with Christmas. If this sounds like you and you enjoy a vape you need to be prepared.

If travelling, make sure that you have a suitable battery charger with you and spare batteries. Batteries should always be stored and Carrie's in a suitable container, not loose in your pocket or bag as this could result in an explosive situation (e cigarette batteries are lithium batteries, the same type that power mobile phones and should not be dropped or bashed together). 

Talking of battery care, make sure your batteries don't get too cold. This reduces their efficiency greatly. If a walk in the snow is for you keep your batteries against you in an inside pocket or similar. Do not, whatever you do, try to warm batteries up if you suspect they have got too cold. Battery safety 101 should state that you never try to heat the batteries up. This is unwise.

If you are enjoying some Christmas vaping on the go make sure that you have a decent stock of e liquids and anything else you might need, especially if away from home.

Christmas Vaping Offers The Opportunity to Mix It Up

Many vapers stick to more or less the same few e liquids. Once you have something you like, why change it? We respect that but think for a minute; if not at Christmas when is a good time to try something new? It doesn't mean you have to give up your favourite everyday e juice flavours. It simply means this could be a great time to mix things up.

We find that menthol e liquids are particularly popular at all times but especially during winter. Other favourites tend to be anything berry-based and of course sweet treats. The beauty of Christmas vaping or vaping at any time of year is that all the dessert flavoured e liquids and other sweet flavours offer a delightfully authentic taste with no guilt about calories. 

Do use the Christmas vaping season as an opportunity to try new cheap e liquid, you never know, you might find a new favourite.

Be Sociable When Christmas Vaping

The Christmas season is all about being sociable, enjoying spending time with others and generally having a great time. The vaping community is vast, friendly and very supportive. They won't necessarily be at your parent's home or wherever you go to spend Xmas though. The trick is to enjoy your Christmas vaping without upsetting those around you. We leave that job to Uncle Bert and his rude jokes over Christmas dinner!

To be good at sociable Christmas vaping you need to remember to be a courteous vaper. 

Christmas Vaping: Don't Vape Indoors 

The last thing that anyone wants when watching the Queen's Speech is to be enveloped in a cloud of fruit vapour. Even if you aren't the only vaper in the room, it's not polite to vape over non-vapers. While scientific studies have shown that passive vaping isn't a thing in that breathing in someone's vapour is absolute harmless that is not the point. Those who don't quite understand vaping won't necessarily know the difference between smoking and vaping. It's just good manners to go to a designated room or outside. Ask your host what is best or if it is your home and you have guests over you decide. Christmas vaping shouldn't upset you or your guests.

Don't Natter at the Smokers

If you have smokers at your Christmas gathering remember that this is not the time to try and convert them to vaping. There is never a good time. By all means, share the benefits of vaping but don't try and browbeat someone into switching over. The chances are they will do it if and when they are ready. It's not sociable to try and convert someone to your way of thinking during Christmas festivities. Just enjoy being a happy Christmas vaper in your own right.

Christmas Vaping In Conclusion

When it comes to vaping at Christmas the main thing to remember is to enjoy yourself. Whether this is your first vaping Christmas or one of many, make sure that you are prepared, stocked up and that you have brushed up on your vaping manners. No-one wants a vaping-related argument about someone releasing a mint flavoured vapour cloud just before Cousin Geoff served up the turkey, ruining the ambience and occasion for all. 

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year so make sure you are prepared and ready to make the most of it with your Christmas vaping.

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