Of all the new year goals you can set yourself, giving up smoking has got to be one of, if not the most important one. If you ditch smoking for vaping in 2019 you will reap numerous benefits, some of which we write about below.

Smoking has been around for a very long time. So long, in fact, that smoking has become a cultural habit in many places. Smoking still kills far too many people every year. Gone are the days that cigarette factory workers received part of their wages in cigarettes and TV adverts showed the latest brand; we have no excuse in these modern times for not knowing the harm that smoking can do to ourselves or to others.

Reasons to Ditch Smoking for Vaping in 2019

The Individual

Every adult has the right to choose whether they smoke or not and that’s fine. By making the choice to continue to smoker, smokingsmoke, however, they are putting their health and wellbeing at risk. Not only are tobacco cigarettes known to be very harmful to health, as an individual choosing to smoke you are also letting your budget take a huge hit. Smoking is expensive and growing more so year by year. Currently, the average cost for a pack of twenty regular tobacco cigarettes is around £10. That could mean £70 a week or more for a heavy smoker.

The Bystander

Being the family member, friend or coworker of a smoker has consequences too, dependant on whether they smoke near you. It has been proven that passive smoking can be just as dangerous to non-smokers as it can for smokers. This research is partly why the Go Smoke Free ban of 2007, which remains in place today, was put in place. This ban was meant to limit the exposure of second-hand smoke to non-smokers which was common before the ban as individuals could smoke in bars, cafes and so on. In addition to this legislation, it is now illegal to smoke in your car with a minor present.


The NHS takes a big financial hit each year funding smoking-related treatments including, but not limited to, hospital admissions, burns, respiratory clinics and more. Smoking-related ailments are no joke for the smoker and can be life-threatening. It stands to reason that the more people ditch smoking for vaping in 2019 the less damage to health will occur and the NHS will need to fund less smoking-related treatments. This is a win/win as far as we can see. This isn’t a poke at anyone that is ill, far from it. It is, however, a fact that the NHS is severely underfunded and anything anyone can do to alleviate the pressure would help.

The Environment

landfill, ditch smoking for vaping, environmentThe environmental impact of vaping is negligible at best. Sadly the same can’t be said for smoking. There are numerous chemicals within cigarette smoke that the World Health Organisation has classified as toxic and potentially carcinogenic (cancer-causing). These chemicals are released into our air whenever a smoker exhales. If it is so harmful to a smoker’s lungs it can’t be good for the environment. On top of this, smoking-related litter and landfill waste cause numerous environmental issues. Did you know that a cigarette butt that has been discarded doesn’t even start to decompose for a year and a half at least and may take ten years or more to fully break down?

What the Experts Say

We aren’t the only ones who think that “Ditch Smoking for Vaping in 2019” should be at the top of your new year goals. Public Health England has publicly announced findings that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking. This is a big deal and it debunks so many of the myths that have stopped smokers who might have considered swapping from tobacco cigarettes to e cigarettes and flavoured e liquids from taking the plunge.

PHE have run with these findings, putting recommendations to the UK government in which they recommend that e cigarettes be officially recognised as medical devices for cessation purposes so that GPs may prescribe them to help people quit smoking. Other recommendations involve making vaping more accessible, especially in work. The thoughts behind this are that it will make vaping more attractive which will result in fewer people smoking. Many charities, scientists, health professionals and NHS bodies welcome these recommendations and advocate for the use of e cigarettes already to those looking for a way to successfully ditch smoking for vaping in 2019.

Ditch Smoking for Vaping in 2019: In Summary

Here at E Liquid UK we aren’t into berating people to give up smoking, we know that using vaping as a cessation tool can be a winner for many but honestly, whether you ditch smoking for vaping in 2019 or find another way to quit successfully, we’ll just be happy that there is another individual fewer lighting up a cigarette!

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