A common topic on e smoking blogs, websites and forums is whether a vegetable based solution or propylene glycol e liquid base produces the better throat hit, carries the flavour more effectively, has the better consistency and which produces the most top quality vapour.

Many people have researched both solutions and compared both across a number of factors and the definitive winner is based entirely on an individual’s needs and wants.

What is an E Liquid

The e liquid is the solution used to refill an e cigarette or found in pre-filled cartridges. This solution is make up of a base (either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin), water, nicotine and the specified flavourings ( this could be anything from fruit flavours to a more traditional tobacco flavour).

E Liquids come not only in a wide range of flavours, e smokers also have the option to choose what level of nicotine they wish to use with levels range from high down to none whatsoever. The e liquid is heated and this is what produces the vapour that is inhaled and enjoyed as part of the e smoking experience.

The Two Solutions

Vegetable Glycerin

This base, as the name suggests is made from vegetable alone and therefore is an entirely natural product. Alone vegetable glycerin is a rather sweet tasting solution and is described as thick or even heavy. In e liquids it provides a brilliant base for e smokers, creating a decent amount of vapour which is both smooth and full. While vegetable glycerin does naturally have a sweeter taste it is worth noting that it doesn’t contain actual sugar.
Other uses for vegetable glycerin include the production of cosmetics as well as use as a sweetener.

Propylene Glycol

Compared to vegetable glycerin (or VG) propylene glycol is a tasteless and odour-free solution which is also considerably thinner than its VG counterpart. E smokers hail PG as producing a highly pleasurable throat hit as well as a smooth e smoke.

Propylene glycol is considered safe for use by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and therefore is commonly used in skincare products, food production and similar manufactured good and preservatives.

It is worth noting that there is a very small percentage of people who are sensitive to PG and that contact may cause a dry mouth and throat or some shortness of breath. The number of people believed to be affected by this is a little under 2%.

The Better Choice

Again the best e liquid base solution is the one which the e smoker believes offers the most enjoyable e smoking experience. Perhaps those who prefer a sweeter e liquid flavour would choose vegetable glycol as an e liquid base where those who like the idea of a fuller throat hit and an odourless and tasteless base might choose PG.

Thankfully it doesn’t have to be an either/or choice here. Those who mix their own e liquids may enjoy experimenting with the bases alongside numerous nicotine levels and flavourings to produce the perfect blend. The recommended mix of bases (after much research) is a 70/30% split with propylene glycol being the main ingredient.

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