As with all habits and hobbies there are those who enjoy e smoking who choose to enhance their experience in a number of ways. One of the more common methods of doing so is to turn their hand at e liquid steeping.

If you like the idea of a stronger tasting e liquid, producing a firmer and more sense tickling vapour steeping might be something that you should consider. Some claim that steeping makes cheap e liquid into a gourmet one without spending an extra penny.

What is Steeping?

Steeping is the practice of leaving something to enhance over a period of time so that it may taste better. A more common example of this process might be were your grandmother might have steeped her Xmas puds and cakes for some time with brandy or whatever flavouring took her fancy in order to enhance and perfect the taste.
Steeping e liquids works much the same way with experienced e smokers choosing to leave their e liquids open under optimum conditions in order to make them taste better when smoked.

Steeping Tips

In order to steep effectively vapers suggest that you open your e liquids and leave them in a cool and dark (and secure) environment for a period of time, certainly for a minimum of two weeks although the longer the better. Some only leave theirs for a week however it is up to the individual to decide what will produce the best results for them.

*Keeping e liquids away from children and pets is of course always important. With the childproof cap removed and e liquids being left open it is doubly important that where you steep your e liquids is out of sight and out of reach.

Once you have left your e liquids to steep for a while load some up into your favourite device and give them a go. If you feel it could benefit from being left a little longer simply leave it for a little while longer.

Warm Water Steeping?

While most experienced e smokers who steep advocate for the "leave it open in a dark, cool place" method of steeping, others swear by using the warm method. The key benefit to this type of steeping is that it reduces the amount of time (in theory) that the e liquid needs to be left to mature.

To try this method leave your e liquid vial open in warm water (not hot), shake it occasionally and continually renew the warm water, keeping it at body temperature and no higher. This is certainly a more labour intensive steeping method however if you are in a hurry it could be worth the effort.

What E Liquids Are Best For Steeping

It doesn't matter whether you choose UK made liquids, those from abroad, cheaper ones or indeed more expensive ones, steeping enthusiasts believe the vast majority of e liquids may be enhanced via steeping.

Why Do E Liquids Change Colour During Steeping

Not all eliquids change colour during the process however some may become darker. This is simply part of the e liquid becoming more "mature" and is nothing to worry about.

While the e liquids that you receive will no doubt be hugely pleasurable as they are there's no harm in trying to enhance your enjoyment, certainly not when steeping is safe, easy and free. We suspect e liquids that are perhaps stronger than others to start with make the best ones for steeping, what do you think?

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