When smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette, you open the packet, you light a match (or use a lighter) to *light the cigarette and you smoke it. Simple enough. Vaping might sound a lot more complex however once you know what’s what you’ll wonder why you didn’t convert earlier.

Yes there’s a little bit of jargon / lingo to get used to but not much, and to be honest, unless you’re into mods and such-like vaping couldn’t be easier to learn, use or enjoy.

Here’s a quick guide to show you how easy it is to get started and to enjoy a most pleasurable vape.

Buy a Kit

It really is as simple as that. There are a great number of starter kits around which include everything you need to get going. Most of them are relatively inexpensive too. At the very least your kit should contain the e cig (device), a charger, a battery and a e cig liquid.

Don’t overthink what starter kit you really want or need at this point because if you’ve never vaped you won’t know what you want and need. This is simply a starting kit to get you going. You may find it absolutely fine for the long term or you may want to upgrade down the line, either way a starter kit is a must.

Choose Some e Liquids

Don’t go mad at this point and buy forty-five flavours to try out. Keep it simple. If you’re moving over from tobacco smoking to vaping, you might want to choose a tobacco flavoured e liquid and one or (two at the most) alternative flavours (enjoy browsing those!). E liquids come in all shapes, sizes and strengths. Choose small vials of e liquid to start with as you’re just getting started and so won’t know what flavours appeal. Once you’ve chosen a small selection of e liquids you can choose their nicotine strength.

E liquids come in a variety of nicotine strengths, normally ranging from 24mg or 2.4% down to nicotine free. 2.4% tends to be quite strong whereas 18mg or 1.8% is what those moving over from tobacco cigarettes to vaping start with as they are similar. You can always decrease your nicotine or gradually increase if necessary (don’t jump up too high in one step otherwise you may feel dizzy and generally unwell).

Read the Instructions

Setting up an e cigarette for the first time is not the same as putting together flat-pack furniture! It won’t work if there are bits left over at the end and you DO need to read the instructions as each and every starter pack maybe slightly different (although most are very similar). Your instructions will have a step by step guide to setting up.

All set up, charged and ready to go? Now read the instructions on how to fill your particular tank with e liquid. Go gently with it as you don’t want to spill, wasting e liquid and making a mess of the e cig itself.

Practice Makes Perfect

Some e cigarettes work automatically (i.e. you inhale and it releases vapour) while others need a button to be pressed to release the vapour when you inhale. Your instruction booklet should fill you in as to which way your particular device works. Either way, make sure your inhales are steady and slow. This is the best way to ensure a fabulous vapour release without wasting e liquid. Basically you just need to practice your technique until you feel you’re enjoying a full, smooth and flavoursome vape that really hits the spot.

Don’t Run Before You Can Walk

If you frequent vaping forums and the like you’ll see lots of information about mods (modifications), different tank types, ways to enhance your e cig and more. To start with ignore all of this. Yes, it might be worth learning the more advanced workings of the vape world down the road however for just now, enjoy starting off in a simple way and your first e smoking experience.

See, e smoking or vaping is not as complex as you thought, is it? If you ever have queries about getting started or how to upgrade (if and when the time is right) don’t hesitate to get in touch either with us, or for device-specific queries not covered in the instructions, the manufacturer.

*Psst: Lighting a cigarette may be easy but once lit you really need to smoke the whole thing (a dubbed out cigarette never tastes the same) or waste some of it. With an e cig you can enjoy as many or as few puffs as you like.

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