One of the best things about vaping is the variety and yet curiously many vapers just tend to stick with a few favourite flavours. We understand that, but what a world of pleasure they are missing out on having never tried what else is out there. Eliquids make great Christmas presents and are super affordable too. If you are thinking of buying the e liquid fan in your life liquids for Xmas this blog post might be quite useful!

What Are E Liquids

It makes sense to know what e liquids are if you are planning on buying the vaper in your life some. When you light up a cigarette you breathe in the smoke the tobacco and chemicals produce. It’s well known that these chemicals are very harmful to health. When you switch on your e cigarette, however, nothing is burnt. Indeed, there are no nasties either. The way an e cigarette works is that the lithium battery heats up the e liquid in the tank to create a flavoured vapour, Vapour not smoke.

For those wondering what is in an e liquid the list of ingredients is quite short. All e liquids contain a base liquid or mix of base liquids. These are made up of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in varying ratios depending on what people prefer. These are both safe for use and are often found in anything from food to asthma inhalers. Added to these are flavourings and nicotine. It is possible to buy zero nicotine e liquids too. That’s it. When you buy e liquids for your vaping family member or friend you are not buying anything sinister or chemical-filled.

Eliquids Make Great Christmas Presents, But What E Liquids Should You Choose?

Again, variety really is all that it is about when it comes to e liquids. There are so many flavours to choose from that people often feel spoilt for choice and stick to two or three they know that they will like. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but Christmas vaping gifts offer a great way to try new flavours and flavour combinations that wouldn’t normally have hit someone’s radar. When smoking you had the choice of tobacco and menthol. We’ll the doors as well and truly open to experience new flavours when vaping. 

Seeing as e liquids make great vaping Christmas presents this mini-guide to flavour choices might be useful. 

All Thing Sweet and Gooey: Dessert E Liquids

Here at EliquidUK we are big fans of the odd sweet treat or three and so it will come as no surprise that we thoroughly enjoy a dessert-flavoured e liquid. Chocolate tones, toffee, jam and custard and more, even apple pie flavours are available to tick your sweet-toothed box. Even more wonderful, you can vape as much vanilla custard e liquid as you like and it won’t make a difference to the scales. If you are looking for something quite indulgent, these e juice flavours are a good place to start. Are you starting to see why eliquids make great Christmas presents yet?

Fruity Favourites 

There are so many fruit flavours to choose from which is understandable given that there are so many fruits out there. We find that both types of e liquids, the ones which combine several fruits into one delicious concoction and the single fruit flavours go down equally well. Tropical combos tend to go down very well, as do berry flavoured mixtures.

Menthol Madness: Such Popular Flavours

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, our menthol flavoured e liquids have to be constantly restocked so that no-one misses out. Eliquids make great Christmas presents and at this time of year, we think the icy mint and sweet menthol tastes remind people of peppermint and candy canes.

Tobacco Tasting E Liquids

We have some really tasty tobacco flavoured e liquids for people to choose from. Woody tones, stronger tobacco, Virginia tobacco and the popular Ry4 blend which offers a curious yet delicious blend of vanilla, caramel and mild tobacco. If the person you are buying for loves the tobacco tastes some of these would go down very well in an e liquid hamper or similar.

Eliquids Make Great Christmas Gifts and There Are So Many Other Flavours

We could spend all day writing about the different flavours that you could choose from. From drink flavoured tastes to wonderful mixes including anything from fizzy flavours to liquorice, you’ll be able to find quite the selection when it comes to shopping for e liquids on eliquiduk!

Make Sure You Choose Quality E Liquid

Eliquids make great Christmas presents when they are high-quality e liquids. We use only the best ingredients in our e liquids, adhere to all safety standards, hygiene standards and best practice rules and regulations. On top of this, all of our e juice collections are TPD compliant. The TPD regulations are part of EU and UK law which governs vaping. In order to ensure that you are TPD compliant you have to list all ingredients on your e liquid bottles, have to send any new e liquids off for testing before selling them to the public and many more hoops to jump through. These hoops are what are supposed to ensure that you receive the very best and safest e liquids to use though so if you get offered e liquids that aren’t TPD  who knows what you or your intended giftee could be vaping? Eliquids make great Christmas gifts as long as you choose authentic e liquids.

Don’t think that cheap means poor quality either. Here at ELiquidUK we offer e liquids at £1 each and we use pharmaceutical grade ingredients in each batch and keen to stay at the forefront of the vaping industry we use cutting edge production processes so that our customers may enjoy the very best vapes possible without breaking the bank.

Eliquids Make Great Christmas Presents - In Conclusion

E Liquids really do make great presents for vapers as they open a world of new flavours to try and save them money on their much-loved vaping hobby. We call that a win-win situation. We have many people come to us looking for ways to incorporate delicious e liquids into their Christmas boxes and what we tell them is to consider some sort of hamper. Whether you mix e liquids in with other vaping items or opt for just e liquids, either way, would make a fab Xmas gift.

When putting together a hamper or bundle look out for multi-buys and special offers. As well as this see if you can collect a variety of different flavours for the gift-receiver to try out, as well as perhaps a few you know are already firm favourites. Good luck with your gift-buying, we’re sure the lucky vaper or vaper that you have in mind will be very grateful.

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