Many vapers, new and old come to us with the PG/VG question. They all want to know which is best for them. We’ll look at each base option separately in a moment but the ballpark answer is that neither is best or better than another, they both offer excellent vaping experiences, it just depends on what you want your experience to look like.


There is so much choice when it comes to vaping, from nicotine strengths to e liquid flavours and of course what device or devices you will use. The beauty of these choices is that you may completely customise your vaping fun to suit your own needs. Everyone is different so why should we all vape the same way?

What is VG

VG is short for vegetable glycerin. VG is commonly seen as an e liquid base, and an e liquid with higher amounts of VG (usually 70% VG and above) is considered to be high VG e liquid. Vegetable glycerin is a natural ingredient which is fairly thick and comes with a subtle sweet taste. This doesn’t taint other e liquids as it is a very slight undertone that is naturally occurring.

Vaping liquids with more VG in them are perfect for those who enjoy big vape clouds when vaping as VG is known to amplify vapour production. This makes high VG e liquids popular with cloud chasers as well as sub ohm vapers, those using a low resistance coil in their device to amplify flavour and produce more vapour. VG tends to contribute to a smoother vape which is something to bear in mind when deciding what your favourite e liquid or e liquids will be and which PG/VG would be best for you.


What is PG


PG is short for Propylene Glycol. While not naturally derived in the same way VG is, PG is commonly used in food production, in asthma inhalers and more, having the seal of approval from the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). PG is completely non-toxic. As an eliquid base it offers clarity of flavour, being completely tasteless and having no smell at all. What PG is also known for is for producing a firmer throat hit.

Throat hit is the pleasurable feeling in the back of the throat when you inhale vapour and is something tobacco cigarette smokers will also be familiar with. For this reason, some ex-smokers who have switched to vaping prefer higher PG e liquids, particularly to start with. When looking at PG/VG ratios a more balanced mix of the two e juice bases might be what you are looking for if a gravelly throat hit is your goal.

When moving over to vaping from smoking you may have a cough for a while. This is your body ridding itself of the chemicals that you are used to. If however the cough persists and you find you have throat irritation you might find that you are one of the rare people sensitive to PG. Less than 2% of people are however we wanted to add this in so that all vapers have the full picture when choosing the best e liquids for them. If you think you are sensitive to PG opt for a PG/VG mix that has less PG and more VG.


What PG/VG Ratio Should I Choose


The answer to this question is one that only you can answer. If you love big vape clouds, give high VG e liquid a try. If you would prefer a full flavoured e liquid with a harsher throat hit, look for one with more PG. With our one pound e liquid you can afford to give both a try to compare the experience each one offers. Just remember, choosing your PG/VG ratio is just one way that you can customise your eliquid so enjoy experimenting!

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