There are so many reasons to switch from smoking to vaping, some of which we’ve detailed below. What we do need to think about is sticking with vaping once you’ve switched or giving up altogether and not being tempted to drift back towards smoking. There are so many reasons why this would be a bad idea! There are 100 ways to change the way you vape so that you may enjoy your new hobby to the full and we look at this maximising of the enjoyment factor and more in order to give you the tools so that you may resist the pull of returning to smoking vaping post-switch.

Why Avoid Smoking

Unless you’ve been living under a cloud you will be very aware that smoking is not good for you. There have been some excellent public health campaigns run by Public Health England, the NHS and more, all aimed at making it very clear that smoking can, to be blunt, cause premature death. For example, WHO (the World Health Organisation) has classified the surprising number of chemicals found within tobacco cigarettes as being toxic. This means that when lighting up a cigarette you are literally inhaling toxic smoke into your lungs.

WHO also make it clear that they consider tobacco cigarette smoking to be responsible for a number of diseases, ailments and that it may very well cause cancer. Again, these findings have been backed up by numerous medical professionals, scientists, researchers and also organisations specifically geared towards reducing the harm of smoking and dealing with specific health issues. This is why not going back to smoking post-switch is so important for your health.

Not only can smoking harm your own health (clearly), it has been proven that there are real risks to others (non-smokers) when you smoke around them. Passive smokers are as much at risk of having to deal with health issues because of being in contact with toxic cigarette smoke as smokers themselves are. Research confirming this is partly what led Public Health England, with the support of many, to put together and implement the Go Smoke Free legislation of 2007. This legislation effectively worked to ban tobacco smoking in public places such as in pubs and cafes, in public buildings, on public transport and in a variety of other places. More recently it has also become illegal to smoke in your own vehicle if there is a minor present. 

All of these points are just a few which indicate the damage that smoking can cause to yourself and others. Knowing this may be enough to stop you sliding back into a smoking habit. If it was that easy of course you would likely see people giving up smoking in droves. The majority of the global population would be smoke free. It isn’t as easy as that though which is why we look at other ways to also make your switch to vaping a permanent step away from smoking.

The Smoking Habit

Before we jump both feet into top tips for keeping your previous smoking habit at bay, post-switch we wanted to take a minute to explain just why giving up smoking is so difficult in the first place. Nicotine is the first thing that everyone thinks of when they consider why tobacco cigarette smoking is so addictive. Nicotine can be addictive, however, there are other factors in play here.

Scientists have shown that not only are you fighting nicotine withdrawal when you stop smoking, you are having to battle the pull of a number of factors, including but not limited to having to walk away from the daily habit of having something in your hand, the inhale and exhale action, the relaxation that you felt when smoking and of course a dependence of sorts on the other many chemicals found inside a tobacco cigarette. You are literally fighting a chemical, physical and mental battle to give up which is why switching to something similar (i.e. vaping) is possibly one of the best ways to make your step away from smoking one that is long-lasting. Making sure that you build up new habits and really find ways to be enthusiastic and to enjoy your vaping hobby is the best way to fight against backsliding!

Making the Most Of Your Vaping Hobby

If you really want to throw yourself into vaping and thoroughly enjoy the new hobby as a way to replace tobacco smoking entirely the key is to customise the vaping experience. Vaping is considered to be cheaper than smoking long-term (once you’ve paid for a basic starter kit at around £20) and cheap e liquid. Not getting carried away with accessories and the like is a great way to keep the costs down so that you can afford to try new flavours and so on. Don’t be afraid to experiment with vaping post-switch.

Try new flavours, experiment with different base types, for example, high VG e liquid or ones that have more PG in them, different ways of vaping (i.e. mouth to lung or sub ohm vaping) and even look at how different devices work for you. Customise your nicotine strength or go nicotine free, whatever works to make it easier for you to embrace vaping fully in order to resist the pull of your previous smoking habit.

Adopting an Altogether Healthier Lifestyle

If you give up smoking, either altogether or by enjoy post-switch vaping, you will find yourself very quickly being a healthier person. There are a number of statistics around how long it takes for your lungs to clear and more, but that is a blog post for another day. Why not make other changes in order solidify the idea that your post-smoking life is better as it is healthier? Enjoy the way that it feels and this pleasure will go a long way towards making sure that vaping or non-smoking remains the very best option for you post-switch while reinforcing a mindset of better health and happiness when your diet, exercise and lifestyle mirrors this change.

We’re not saying you need to go to the gym three times a week, go vegan or stop any “nice” foods and treats altogether unless you want to, but look at other options. Eat different/healthier meals, incorporate more physical activity at home or even look at a class. Something that gets the adrenalin going and the endorphins flowing. Look at something different to the norm, for example, a boxing class, water sports, judo, floating yoga; whatever is in your area and which takes your fancy.

Put it this way, it makes no sense to put the effort into a fierce gym workout then come out and eat a chocolate bar and drink full-sugar cola, does it? It undoes all of the good work that you have put in. The same applies to making changes to your lifestyle. Staying active, eating more wholesome foods, vaping and so on all require effort of some sort, enjoy these and you are less likely to “undo” the good by returning to smoking. 

Sticking With Vaping Post-Switch: In Conclusion

Smoking is bad and vaping is much better, that much is clear. You may very well find yourself being pulled back towards tobacco cigarette smoking even after switching to vaping and if you do, look at some of the points above in order to help you stave away the urge to smoke again. Be healthier and more mindful about your life, resist visiting the places that you find trigger your craving for cigarettes and embrace your one pound e liquids and maximise your vaping enjoyment instead. 

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