Tobacco Flavours

One of the best things about moving over from smoking to vaping is the amount of choice available in terms of which e cigarette device you might use, what nicotine strength and of course what flavour e liquids you choose. At E Liquid UK you are spoilt for choice with a wide range of flavours available. That said, if you value tobacco flavour e liquid, that is an option open to you too.

Whether your looking zero nicotine, or 50VG 50PG e liquids or 70VG 30PG e liquids, we have got you covered

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      Making the Most Of Your Tobacco Flavour E Liquid
      Alongside various e liquid flavours you also have the option to customise your vape further by choosing a nicotine strength to suit your preferences and by choosing a base liquid ratio what offers you the best vaping experience. Those opting for a high VG e liquid will enjoy a smoother tobacco flavour e liquid vape with big vape clouds and those choosing higher PG will experience a firmer throat hit and a clear flavour.

      Traditional Tobacco Tastes
      Moving away from tobacco smoking is good for your health and for your pocket. That doesn’t mean that you have to walk away from a taste that you are used to, and that you enjoyed, once you’ve switched to vaping. Expert E Liquid UK mixologists work hard to produce authentic tasting tobacco flavour e liquid with a vapour that matches your traditional tobacco favourite of the past.

      A Premium Tobacco Vape
      There is little in the way of choice when you consider tobacco cigarettes. When you opt for vaping tobacco flavoured e liquid instead, you may look for different tobacco tones, including premium tobacco that you perhaps wouldn’t have paid out for when smoking. Our ejuice range incorporates a vape that is incredibly like the premium tobacco taste you may have sought out for special occasions when smoking cigarettes rather than opting for an e cigarette.

      Smooth and Sweet Tobacco
      Incredibly popular, those of you who enjoy a more flavoursome tobacco flavour with a sweet undertone would enjoy any of the tobacco e juice with subtle tones of vanilla, caramel and chocolate alongside smooth tobacco tones. The RY4 tobacco e liquid is a prime example of how you may add additional layers of flavour to an already tasty tobacco vapour to produce something incredibly satisfying.