There have been numerous instances of serious respiratory illness in the US and at the time of writing this article, five deaths, all associated with vaping. We take a minute to think of the tragic loss of life and to extend warm thoughts to the friends and families of those affected. In addition to this, we look at the latest news on this US health respiratory issue and reassure you that UK vaping is safe, according to numerous experts.

What We Know About The US Vaping "Crisis"

More than four hundred and fifty individuals have taken ill with a serious respiratory illness and five people have died. Experts in the US are still investigating however preliminary reports suggest that the cause of this outbreak is due to the use of non-regulated, altered e liquids which contain THC. 

THC is not found in any safely manufactured e liquid or in CBD oil. While there are many compounds found within the cannabis plant it is THC which causes a "high". It appears that THC has been used to produce homemade/illicit ejuice. It is this e liquid which has, in turn, caused these illnesses and these deaths. The drug known as Spice has also been found in some of these home-made eliquids. 

It is important to reiterate that these e liquids were not sold by reputable retailers and that these ingredients would never be found in properly manufactured products. Despite this, the US vaping industry will naturally take a huge PR hit and US vaping citizens will likely be concerned over their own safety. This is understandable. 

UK Vaping Safe Says Experts 

With tensions and concerns running high amongst the US vaping community, UK experts are keen to reassure vapers here that UK vaping is safe. There are fundamental differences between how the US and the UK govern vaping. The UK imposes strict restrictions on numerous aspects of vaping and vaping products.

For example, vaping manufacturers and those selling e liquids in the UK are bound by TPD regulations. The Tobacco Products Directive governs numerous aspects of vaping including restrictions on tank sizes, maximum allowed nicotine strengths and labelling requirements. Manufacturers also need to have new e liquids tested before they can be sold. This is to ensure that all contents and labelling tally up and that quality and safety requirements are met. 

UK e liquids are also subject to screening by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. This agency operates a carding system which allows users to report any concerns, side effects or problems. Vapers in the UK can access this which means that any potential issues would be picked up immediately. 

What Do The Experts Say

Public Health England, a firm advocate for vaping as an alternative to smoking maintains that they support e cigarette use. They warn, as do ASH and various other smoking harm reduction and pro-vaping organisations, that you should only buy e liquid from a valid source. TPD compliant vaping juice will not harm you and will only contain the ingredients listed on the labels.  

Cheap e liquid is perfectly acceptable, high-quality and safe only if purchased from a company such as us. Here at eliquidUK, we make sure that all of our less than one pound e liquid adheres to all legal requirements and go above and beyond for safety enjoyment. 

Be Reassured: "UK Vaping Safe," Says Experts

There is no reason to think that what has happened over in the US could happen here in the UK. There are tight restrictions and excellent public health campaigns in place to ensure that vapers here in Britain are safe. It would appear that far from being a "dodgy batch" that the e liquids involved were deliberately altered and that this action is what has caused the reported illnesses and deaths. 

If you wish to alter the nicotine strength in your e liquid or the flavour, that is fine. Just don't go too high with the nicotine content. Increase nicotine gradually or you will end up very queasy and feel quite unwell. Any other customisation of e liquids shouldn't be attempted and no-one should be adding ingredients such as THC or other drugs. 

The UK vaping industry and the vaping community are proud of their safety standards and focus on high-quality e liquids. As a vaper, it is your responsibility to make sure that you buy and use only e liquid that you can be 100% confident about and that means buying from a recognised vaping retailer. 

Again, we wish all the very best to those affected by this issue in the USA.  

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