At this time of year (spring and summer) we tend to find ourselves spending more time out and about. Not only is it festival season but there are a number of fairs/fayres, fetes, outdoor concerts, outdoor attractions and more to enjoy. Of course, a day out doesn’t just mean being outdoors as it can include indoor attractions such as museums and more. This piece on vaping out and about covers anywhere that is not your own home.

When vaping away from your own home it is important that you understand the rules and regulations governing vaping, where you can vape, where you can’t and how to be a courteous vaper.

Vaping and the Law

You’ll be glad to know that strictly speaking there is no law that prohibits vaping out and about. The Go Smoke Free legislation of 2007 does, however, stop people from smoking in public places such as in pubs and restaurants, at work, on public transport and more. Many get confused about how vaping in public works as some still believe that this legislation also includes vaping. It doesn’t, but there is a “but”.

It is not illegal to vape in a public place but it is up to each and every owner or manager of an establishment, an area and an event to decide whether or not visitors are allowed to vape there. Eateries are pretty much always a no-go as far as vaping is concerned. Anywhere else such as train platforms, sports events, festivals and more, you will usually see signs if vaping is prohibited or allowed.

The general rule of thumb as far as we are concerned is to make sure that you don’t vape indoors or in a crowded area and to check in advance whether vaping is allowed or not. This will avoid any embarrassment and makes sure that you know what is what before you even arrive. Many open air places are fine with vaping but not all are so do check.

Be a Considerate Vaper

When vaping out and about make sure that you are considerate of those around you. Not everyone understands vaping and many still believe that passive vaping can be as dangerous as passive vaping turned out to be. This isn’t true and scientific studies have shown as much however, not many people carry scientific studies around with them! Don’t vape next to/on top of a non-vaper if in close contact, unless given permission. Move away to somewhere that won’t cause offence.

It isn’t just non-vapers that you need to look out for either as vapers don’t necessarily want your big vape clouds in their face when they are in a queue. Your peppermint vape cloud might be just your thing but it might be something negative for someone else. Just think before whipping your e liquid out and loading up your e cigarette about those who are around you or nearby.

Vaping in a Car

We’ve written about this before, however, it is worth mentioning again. Vaping out and about may include vaping when travelling and the law around vaping in a car is a little murky. While it is not illegal to vape when driving or as a passenger if there is an accident and it is deemed that the driver’s vision was impeded by vapour it could be that the police will consider this dangerous driving, whether it was or not, as opposed to careless driving. This is a very serious charge with very serious implications.

While smoking is still allowed when driving, unless you have minors in the car, vaping is considered a different ball game. No, it isn’t illegal however the vapour coming from an e cigarette tends to be denser than that of an e cigarette which means that it stands to reason that it would pose more of a danger. We would advise caution if using an e cigarette device in a car when vaping out and about.

Vaping Out and About Preparation

When it comes to vaping on the go there are a few things that you need to consider. Firstly, if you aren’t at home, you don’t have easy access to your main battery charger. E cigarettes are powered by lithium batteries and they do need to be recharged. If you are going to be away for a day, leaving with a fully charged battery should be enough unless you are a heavy vaper or are vaping with an older battery or using a modified vape i.e. a sub ohm vape which where you vape high VG e liquid with an e cig that has low resistance coils.  If you are away for longer, consider a car charger or a travel charger as well as spare ecig batteries.

When vaping out and about you need to take your cheap e liquids with you. Make sure that your tank is full before leaving and that you have plenty to keep you going while away from home.

It may be wise to consider a few accessories to make vaping away from home easier and safer. One we would recommend is a vaping kit pouch or similar. This is something that allows you to safely store your e cigarette, spare batteries, your flavoured e liquids and any other consumables while on the go. A lanyard is our other accessory recommendation. If you are at a concert or a festival, nothing is going to break your e cigarette more quickly than dropping it on the ground in a crowd. Similarly, you don’t want to have an e cigarette poking out of your back pocket if possible either. A discreet ecigarette lanyard should be easy enough to find.

In Conclusion

If you make sure you have everything you need in advance and are polite and considerate of others around you when vaping out and about there’s no reason to believe that you shouldn’t have a great time. One thing to remember though, if you are using your e cigarette outdoors make sure that you dispose of any vaping-related “rubbish” appropriately. For example, spent e liquid vials should be recycled or binned as appropriate and not left lying around. The amount of smoking-related rubbish in the UK has caused Keep Britain Tidy countless sleepness nights, not to mention the impact of this on our environment and wildlife. Obviously, vapers don’t want to be tarred with the same brush so clear up after yourself and all will be well.

Wherever you are planning on going, be it a special event, a day trip or just a stroll in the park with your e cigarette all of us at eliquiduk.comhope that you enjoy your vaping out experience.

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