Here at we are really fed up of people missing the distinction between vaping and smoking. Fed up mostly because misunderstanding the difference between the two can make the difference between a smoker deciding to stay smoking or switch to vaping. It is the responsibility of those who deal with vaping regulations to seriously bear this in mind when putting new legislation on the table.

Proposed Arizona Vaping Regulations

Senator-Elect Carter has introduced the SB 1009 Bill which will see vaping fall under the same regulations as smoking. Many believe that is a mistake. While minor should absolutely not be vaping (or smoking) and we support that, likening smoking and vaping to each other will not stop experimental teens, it will stop adults walking away from smoking.

The Dangers of the Arizona Vaping Regulations Bill

When it comes down to it, when someone makes a decision they make it based on a number of factors, including what the legal/official stance on the issue is. If then the lawmakers in Arizona make it appear that smoking and vaping are one and the same, when we all know the risks associated with smoking, smokers won’t switch the vaping. This is a problem because vaping has been shown to be one of the most successful cessation methods for adult smokers trying to quit who may not have been able to use other more traditional quitting methods.

Going cold turkey, using nicotine replacement therapy and group counselling, among other methods works brilliantly for some people, but not all. Vaping is incredibly popular in the UK and the rise in popularity coincides with the fall in adult smoking rates. These rates are at the lowest point since records began. Obviously vaping cannot take the full credit but it can take some. The broad official approval of vaping in the UK has gone a long way to helping smokers make the informed decision about whether or not to switch to vaping. Arizona passing this vaping regulations bill may have the opposite effect in that and neighbouring states.

What About the TPD Regulations

Yes, it’s true that here in the UK vaping and smoking have been lumped together in the same way, under TPD vaping legislation. Under a separate article of points within the legislation, there are a number of stipulations for retailers and manufacturers around tank sizes, nicotine content, labels and so on. The difference with this situation and the proposed Arizona bill is that Public Health England are actively fighting to make vaping more accessible (more on this below) and there is already a Private Member’s Bill on the table, which is highly supported by many which is aimed at removing the vaping legislation or at least altering the content in order to again, make vaping more accessible.

Public Health England and Vaping Regulations

Back in spring 2017, Public Health England released their vaping review which detailed findings that vaping is considered to be at least 95% less harmful than tobacco smoking. That remaining 5% could be something they look at again in the future, we assume, once vaping studies have been conducted over a significantly longer period of time.

When it comes to PHE and vaping regulations, their stance on vaping is that this is the preferred alternative to smoking. This is what has motivated them to work for e cigarettes which use mostly cheap one pound e liquids to be classified as official medical cessation devices. This is in order to make it possible for GPs to prescribe these for patients looking to quit smoking. The move has the support from all corners, not least NHS Trusts, Cancer Research UK and many more.

In Summary

It is clear to see that as far as vaping is concerned, the UK is ahead of the game in terms of seeing the benefits of vaping. A cheaper alternative to smoking, a hobby which allows you to step down your nicotine usage gradually and even use nicotine free e liquids, vaping offers much. The biggest benefit, of course, is that it is a cleaner hobby and helps many walk away from smoking which would undoubtedly have been damaging their health. In short, legal and public health support for vaping saves lives. Ignoring the research and passing vaping regulations such as those Arizona and Senator-Elect Carter are proposing, could well have the opposite effect, with devastating long-term consequences.

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