With most e-liquid still being manufactured in China and the US, it’s refreshing to report that UK e-liquid production is on the increase. Many of the new, UK based brands on the market are manufactured in modern, hi-tech labs by specialist suppliers. The great news is that a growing number of British vaping stores and entrepreneurs are blending incredible e-juice flavours in their own clean room facilities.

Along with these high and medium volume suppliers, we also have more quirky and unusual offerings. These innovative e-juices are often created by e-blending enthusiasts turning their vaping hobby into a cottage industry.

This blog post gives us an opportunity to wave the flag for UK made e-liquid.

What’s the big deal with UK vaping products?

Let’s start with some BIG numbers. According to Euromonitor International, 1.09 billion pounds worth of vaping products will be sold to UK buyers in 2016. Do we really want to see the profits from those sales going into Chinese and US pockets?

With the UK economy currently on tick-over, it makes sense to keep more of that cash here at home. Small British outlets are struggling – both online and in the high street. More GB vaping pounds circulating in the local economy is a win-win situation, for both buyers and sellers.

There are environmental advantages too, with home produced e-liquids and vaping equipment burning less fuel during transport and distribution.

What is e-liquid?

Most of the mainstream vaping mods and electronic cigarettes currently in production evolved from devices patented in 2003 by the China based, Ruyan Group. Early devices used ultrasonic sound waves to ‘vaporise’ nicotine infused liquid.

Innovation in the vaping industry has been spectacular. In less than two decades, sophisticated temperature and voltage controlled devices have evolved. These computer controlled devices now use precision designed heating coils to vaporise laboratory grade e-liquid.

E-liquid itself has a fairly simple formula. In most e-liquids, one of the main ingredients is Propylene Glycol (PG). Also known as E1520, PG is used as a food additive to keep cakes and pastries moist. Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is the other main e-juice ingredient. VG is a natural product, usually extracted from soybeans or palms. The other two ingredients found in e-liquid, nicotine and flavouring, are used in tiny quantities.

What makes a great British e-liquid?

The fact that an e-liquid is ‘British’ is obviously a big plus – but we need to add a few other items into the mix before we can give it our stamp of approval. Naturally, we expect all of the basics to be covered. Crisp, clean flavour, good cloud volume and a satisfying throat-hit are top of the list when it comes to ‘best of British’ e-liquids.

Safety is one of the main considerations, so we immediately ditch any e-juice containing harmful additives like Ethylene Glycol, Diethylene Glycol, Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl.

Another top priority in a great British e-liquid is the nicotine content. According to the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS), more than 50% of new vapers have switched to vaping as an aid to stop smoking. A UK made e-liquid with a good range of strengths is a winner, as it can help vapers to gradually reduce their nicotine dosage.

Last but not least, we look for traditional British innovation and eccentricity!

New trends in UK made e-liquid

You don’t need to travel far to find exiting new trends in British e-liquid branding and manufacture. Stealth vaping turns cloud chasing on its head by striving for lower cloud volume. Why? When you need a nicotine hit during the working day you don’t want to be spotted lurking in a doorway under a give-away cloud of vapour. Special, vapourless e-liquids and stealth vaping mod parts are now available on the UK market!

For nutty British eccentricity how about an e-liquid with the flavour of Ginger Nut biscuits, or Custard Creams? These are just two examples of traditional flavours from the new, cottage industry e-juice blenders popping up around the UK.

For more mainstream UK made e-liquid, Wembley based T-Juice are a fine example of local lads who’ve taken the vaping world by storm. In less than five years, export of their amazing range of innovative e-juices has seen phenomenal growth.

Following in their footsteps are UK e-liquid producers, Oh My God (OMG) with their Union Jack themed bottles. Their bulldog logo, along with red, white and blue branding really waves the flag for UK made e-liquid.

To experience the amazing taste sensation of a premier league, UK made e-liquid, try this low-price, Oh My God (OMG) range.

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