People have been smoking tobacco and tobacco related products for many, many years. Indeed, the tobacco market is worth a truly mind-boggling amount of money. Cigarettes are fairly easy to get hold of, most people know at least one person that smokes them and yet despite all of this, more and more people are turning to electronic cigarettes (e cigs) instead.

The e smoking or vaping revolution has most definitely taken the world by storm. The original idea popped up in the 1960’s, thanks to a forward-thinking gentleman called Herbert Gilbert however it wasn’t until 2003 that the modern version, designed by Hon Lik (China) really took off.

The history of vaping is an article for another time however we want to look right now at just why vaping has proven so popular.

E Liquid Flavours

Generally speaking there are two tobacco flavours, tobacco and menthol. Of course there are different types of tobacco tastes dependant on the brand chosen however when it comes to flavour choices vaping leaves traditional smoking in the dust. We couldn’t possible list all of the different e liquid flavours available as the number is so large and growing every day however if you are looking for sweet vapes, fruity ones, drink related ones, luxurious ones, h3 ones, weak ones, tobacco ones (you can still enjoy tobacco taste if not smoking a conventional cigarette) or anything else, you have plenty to choose from.

Basically you can completely customise your e smoking experience, enjoying the flavours you love (or are just discovering), at any time of the day or night. Choose a different flavour dependant on your mood, whether you are at a special event or to match the weather (you can switch it up for any reason).


One of the big pulls for tobacco smokers moving over to vaping is the fact that it couldn’t be easier to alter and manage your nicotine levels. E liquids not only come in different flavours, they also come in varying strengths of nicotine, allowing vapers to choose a level that suits them best or reduce nicotine levels gradually. There are nicotine-free e liquids too.

While e cigarettes are not marketed or sold as smoking cessation devices there are many who switch over to help them reduce the addictive nicotine content in traditional cigarettes.Money Matters

If you look at vaping vs tobacco smoking at face value, tobacco cigs appear cheaper. This is purely because you can pick up a pack of twenty for just under £10 whereas an e cigarette starter kit could be more than this. That said, after you’ve bought your starter kit vaping is considerably cheaper to run than tobacco smoking is. Even with experimenting with various e liquid flavours, looking at accessories and items which eventually need to be replaced (such as tanks and batteries) you are still likely to spend a fair amount less when vaping as opposed to traditional smoking (long term).

Safety Concerns

The one media “blight” if you will regarding vaping has been the odd sensationalist article here and there about exploding e cigarettes. What these articles don’t tell you is that often these things happen because someone decided to modify the e cig device they were using to “juice up” the battery in the attempt to fuel a more powerful vape. Battery safety is something everything should be aware of, particularly those who like the idea of modifying their device.

That said, these instances are very few and far between whereas the number of injuries, fires and the level of damage reported as being caused in some way by traditional tobacco smoking are quite the opposite.

So Why is Vaping So Popular?

Vaping is the modern choice. It allows e smokers to customise their smoking style, enjoy new flavours, avoids the stigma attached with “dirty” or “smelly” smoking and is the cleaner option of the two smoking types. Vaping is a lifestyle choice, again because users are able to invent a smoking solution that works for them.

In short, vaping is the superior choice and we are as excited as you are about what the future of e smoking will bring.

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