When it comes to vaping there are many benefits for you to take advantage of, for example, a more affordable hobby (compared to smoking) and the ability to choose your e liquid flavours. Change your mind and your cheap e liquid (thanks to our one pound e liquid range) as often as you like. Have some eliquids for daytime, some for evening and perhaps, some e juice that tickles you because it suits the season, such as winter e liquid.

Seasonal vaping is most definitely a thing. If you think about your food habits, they change with the seasons, so why not your eliquid choices? Stews, roast dinners and desserts in winters and salads, stir-fries and sorbet in the summer. Many vapers opt for more seasonal tastes when choosing their e liquids, and here are a few for you to choose from.

Fabulously Tasty Tobacco Flavour E Liquids

Just because you’ve finished with smoking by moving over to vaping doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying the taste of tobacco. We have a number of £1 e liquids which offer you woody tobacco vapour as well as an enjoyable tasty treat, especially if you choose the RY4 Tobacco E Liquid. RY4 is particularly suited to winter vaping, although it does just as well through the year. This may have something to do with the smooth and slightly sweet vanilla, caramel and chocolate undertones that merge brilliantly with the premium tobacco taste. If you are looking for a relaxing yet tasty tobacco winter e liquid you’ll find that here.

Chocolate Indulgence Winter E Liquid

An ideal picture of winter indulgence might be curling up in an armchair in front of a roaring fire with a hot chocolate. Sadly, we don’t always have time to sit around however a chocolate flavour e liquid can offer you all the taste benefits wherever you are and whenever you want it. Chocolate mint e liquid for example offers the creamy chocolate goodness that you want in a sweet vape liquid alongside a wonderful cooling exhale.


Menthol Tastes That Will Have Your Taste Buds Dancinghangsen-menthol-e-liquid-600x600

If you enjoy an icy blast (apt during the winter months) or a sweeter mint e liquid or spearmint e liquid (reminiscent of the taste of candy canes) these all tend to fall under the menthol e liquid umbrella. From taste bud tickling mint to wake you up triple menthol e liquid, we have a wintery flavoured ejuice for you here.

Dessert Flavoured E Liquid For Winter Vaping

Dessert fans will tell you that puddings may be enjoyed all year round. That’s very true and there isn’t anyone at E Liquid UK who would argue with that. Some desserts are perfect for the autumn/winter season though. Vanilla custard e liquid for example with its smooth, creamy and fresh tasting flavours always reminds us of comfort food which many of us turn to during the winter. Thankfully with our high VG or 50/50 PG/VG e liquids you may vape as much dessert flavoured vapour as you like without any of the calorie-ridden guilt.

Vanilla custard, dessert e liquid, winter e liquid

Christmas Vaping

While all of these flavours may be enjoyed throughout the year winter e liquid works particularly well in a gift hamper or similar for Christmas, given that they double up well as Christmas or winter vaping liquid flavours. With £1 e liquid your budget goes a very long and this would make a great present for a vaping enthusiast.

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