Menthol Flavours

Make the most of your menthol flavour e liquids by choosing a base that best suits your needs. For example, an e juice with more PG in the base is likely to offer a firmer throat hit and clearer flavour whereas a high VG e liquid offers a smoother vape alongside big vape clouds infused with flavour. Customise your vape further by choosing the right nicotine strength to suit your individual tastes.

Whether your looking zero nicotine, or 50VG 50PG e liquids or 70VG 30PG e liquids, we have got you covered

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      A favourite flavour with many, spearmint e liquid is one of the more popular menthol e liquids. Despite often being remembered as the “candy cane mint”, it’s safe to say that this sweet and fresh mint taste is one that vapers may enjoy during any season and at any time of the day or night.

      Often menthol e liquids are mixed with other flavours, for example chocolate and tropical fruits. As a standalone, menthol eliquid ticks all of the fresh, slightly sweet flavour boxes. When switching menthol for the almost icy mint flavour e liquid, you’ll find a fiercely tasty, sense-pleasing e cigarette liquid that is perfect for use during the day or the night.

      Chocolate Menthol
      Chocolate and menthol goes together brilliantly. Mint chocolate e liquid simply flies off the shelf, thanks to the combination of sweet, creamy and flavoursome chocolate and a cooling exhale. This flavour sensation is only possible thanks to the painstaking work the e liquid UK e juice mixologists do, and the high quality ingredients that they use.

      Fruit and Menthol
      Fruit and menthol go together fantastically well. Tropical fruits especially merge very well with mint which offers a cooling sensation to soften the almost spicy, tart yet sweet fruity taste. Many find it surprising that fruit and menthol work so well, yet they do, and with high quality e liquid UK versions such as these, there’s not reason why you can’t enjoy the cooling menthol aftertaste and take advantage of the juicy fruity vaping liquid experience at the same time.