If you've already started to explore the idea of giving up smoking and are instead thinking of switching to vaping, you're on the right track. Public Health England, the Government group responsible for (you guessed it), public health are keen to steer smokers toward e cigarettes if it means giving up smoking. Their review (backed by much research) states that they find vaping to be at least 95% less harmful than smoking. An official recommendation like that carries a lot of weight behind it.

Reasons to Give Up Smoking

  1. It Could Kill You
    Quite the statement but unfortunately true. Smoking is proven to be a risk factor for many conditions, makes existing illnesses worse and can cause premature death. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has classified many of the chemicals found within tobacco cigarettes as toxic and confirms that smoking can cause cancer.
  2. It Costs a Fortune
    Smoking costs rise significantly year on year as the Government push towards a smoke-free Britain. It now costs on average ten pounds for a packet of twenty mid-brand cigarettes. Once smoked, they are gone. By comparison, a basic starter kit costs between £20 and £30, has all the kit you need to vape and lasts a significantly longer time than a 20-deck. With high-quality e liquids starting at just one pound, clearly thinking of switching to vaping is the better economical choice.
  3. It's Bad For The Environment
    When was the last time that you saw a discarded e liquid bottle or e cigarette device on the ground? Make Britain Tidy find smoking-related litter to be a significant problem and it costs a tidy sum to deal with it. Cigarette butts can take up to a decade to biodegrade.
  4. Vaping is So Much Better
    As well as the above, many vapers who have moved over from smoking have been happy to confirm that as much as they loved smoking, that vaping has the edge. There are many reasons for this. It ticks all of the enjoyment boxes, helps with nicotine withdrawal, encourages smokers to quit, is easy to personalise and the number of e liquid flavours available will keep you going for years to come.

Thinking of Switching to Vaping: How To Get Started

It really couldn't be easier to switch over to vaping. You need an e cigarette and some e liquids. The smartest way and the easiest way to get started is to buy a basic starter kit. These kits include an e cig device, battery, tank, a charger and is ready to go. Each device will have instructions from the manufacturer and just needs some e liquids to get you going.

Don't go overboard on e liquids. There are so many types and flavours that it can be easy to go overboard. Choose just a few to get started with and to let you work out for yourself what you prefer. Choose a nicotine level comparable to what you are used to with cigarettes and a base that works for you (PG for a grittier throat hit and VG for flavour-filled big vape clouds). Make sure that you don't increase your nicotine levels too quickly as this can make you feel really quite ill. You'd have headaches, nausea, vomiting and more to look forward to. Take it slowly.

Thinking of Switching to Vaping: In Conclusion

That's it, that's all that you need to get going with vaping. If you are thinking of switching to vaping it's definitely worth exploring further. Why not connect with other vaping online, maybe watch a few "how to get started" videos on You Tube and ask vapers that you know how they find it.

Good luck switching over.

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