Being written at a time when we have Covid-19 sweeping the country these tips are primarily aimed at vaping during lockdown. These vaping tips will actually help you far beyond this current time of crisis and enable you to explore vaping further and get the best out of your e liquids and e cigarette. 

Before we jump into our top tips remind yourself why you chose to start vaping. The majority of vapers chose e cigarette because they are a great alternative to tobacco cigarettes. According to Public Health England vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking. Vaping is also significantly cheaper than smoking. These are great reasons for switching. The reason why many people stay with vaping longterm, even after kicking the tobacco addiction is that they love the variety of it. We find that many people are not exploring vaping as much as they might therefore, could potentially be missing out on some great experiences. Whether you are stuck at home due to lockdown or any other reason, there has never been a better time to try something new.

Explore The Wonderful World of E Liquids

We find that certain flavours tend to be firm favourites, for example, menthol e liquids. Most vapers start off with a few flavours, find a couple they like and then stick with those. Given that vaping offer so much more choice and variety than smoking, being stuck at home is a good time to be adventurous and try new e juice flavours.

We have a number of great flavours for you to choose from. From roll over the tongue sweet dessert goodness to sharper, yet undeniably juicy fruit flavours, to earthy tobaccos and even drink flavours. One of our most important vaping tips is to have a look at the full range of vaping liquid flavours can be found here.

As well as different flavours, why not look at the type of e liquids you can choose from. Here at EliquidUK you can choose e liquids with a 50/50 PG/VG base, high VG e liquids and may even opt for zero nicotine flavours if that is your preference. When it comes to base types Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin are mixed in order to offer the foundation for any  e liquid. The difference is in the ratios. A 50/50 split offers the smoothness of the VG alongside the throat hit of the PG, clarity of flavour and more. High VG e liquids tend to be thicker, offering substantially fuller big vape clouds. These are also enjoyed by sub-ohm vapers who use high VG and low resistance coils to produce some seriously high-end vapours.

If you are the type of vaper who hasn’t explored eliquids much beyond the initial few flavours you chose and liked, now could be the time. That is our number one vaping tips when stuck at-home piece of advice, experiment more!

Vaping Tips When Stuck At Home: Try A New E Cigarette

If you are off work and/or spending more time at home this could offer you a unique opportunity; a chance to research vaping more thoroughly and even try out new ways of vaping. If for example, you started with a simple starter kit that is plug and play or are a vaping pod user, there are more choices for you to consider. Perhaps upgrade to a more advanced version of the starter kit you began with? Consider the different features that new styles of e cigarette devices offer, such as temperature control. 

There are a number of great vaping forum and blog post which will illustrate the different type of devices available and the numerous ways that you can vape beyond the more simple (but undeniably still effective) e cigarette types.

Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks? Yes You Can! 

Vaping tips when stuck at home are not just aimed at newbie vapers. This is a good time for more advanced vapers to shake things up a bit too. Yes, try new flavours, e liquid types and devices but also consider new ways of enjoying the skills that you have. Have you looked up vaping vapour tricks? We’re not just talking about blowing rings here, far from it. Before lockdown vaping competitions were popping up all over where vapers could show off their vapour blowing prowess to others and learn a thing or two.

Learning these tricks takes time and practice, something you have in abundance if you are in lockdown or stuck in the home for any other reason. Have a look online for vaping how-to videos which will show you how to master the basics. Who knows? You could soon be doing vape tricks like a professional!

Vaping Tips When Stuck At Home - In Conclusion

Vaping can be a great boredom buster. There has never been as good a time as now to explore vaping more thoroughly and to take time out to really work out what works best for you. We are all individuals and the beauty of vaping is that you can customise your vape experience to suit your own likes and dislikes. It would be a shame to miss out on this opportunity!

*If you are reading this during the 2020 Lockdown please be aware that while vaping stock is holding steady that there may be further restrictions on commercial deliveries, as well as there already being delays to domestic deliveries. If you want to stock up on these cheap one pound e liquids, now could be a good time so that you avoid the possibility of running out of e liquids.

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