One of the big pulls when it comes to vaping is the affordability factor. Vaping is indeed the more affordable option when you compare smoking and vaping. We look at ways to maximise your vaping savings, from choosing one pound e liquids to asking family for your favourite e liquids for Christmas. Vaping is already cheaper than smoking but with some savvy shopping you can make it even cheaper.

Vaping is Simply the Most Affordable Option

If you're thinking about switching from smoking to vaping you’ll be happy to hear that as well as making significant changes that will benefit your health, you will be helping your budget stretch a lot further. With a pack of twenty cigarettes in the UK costing around £10, and many smoking ten to twenty cigarettes (or more if a heavy smoker) a day, you can see how the prices add up. With vaping, your basic starter kit will cost you around twenty to twenty-five pounds and include everything you need to get going with your new vaping hobby. That starter kit will last you a lot longer than two packets of tobacco cigarettes which quite literally go up in smoke.

With cheap e liquids in so many flavours being available there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy your cleaner (and arguably more enjoyable) vaping hobby at a fraction of the cost that smoking would have set you back.

Important: Don’t Sacrifice Quality for Cheapness

We are all about making vaping affordable however there is a line that must not be crossed. That line is the difference between buying cheap e liquid such as our tobacco e liquid or dessert e juices, and buying knock-off e liquid off social media sites or out of someone’s garage. Our £1 e liquids are affordable however they are still high quality, adhere to TPD regulations and above all, are safe for use. When you buy ejuice from a less than reputable source you have no idea what’s in those vials. Why take the risk?

With affordable e liquids that are safe and offer an incredibly good vaping experience, there really is no need to put your health at risk by choosing dodgy eliquid that could have come from anywhere and have anything in them.

Set Yourself a Budget

Vaping is extremely affordable, especially compared to smoking. It definitely offers more choice too. It can be tempting to get very excited with the choices available and buy more than you need. More e liquids, a device or devices, accessories and more all add up money-wise. There’s nothing wrong with trying new e liquid flavours or upgrading your device however you need to make sure that the enjoyment you feel about your vaping hobby isn’t marred by overspending woes, set a vaping-related budget and stick to it.

Choose One Pound E Liquid

Why pay more if you don’t have to? You can pay £15 for a menthol e liquid or £1, both are of a high quality and both offer high VG and/or 50% PG/ 50% VG bases and a choice of nicotine strengths. It doesn’t make sense, does it? We have a wide range of fabulously flavoured, top quality e liquids that will have your taste buds tingling and senses singing when loaded up to your favourite e cigarette to produce a thick, full and smooth vapour. Why pay over the odds for the same experience that you may enjoy for a fraction of the cost?

Buy Quality to Reduce Wastage

As well as tasting fabulous and offering a superior vaping experience, e liquid made from the highest pharmaceutical grade ingredients is always going to produce a better flavoured e liquid with a fuller, smoother vape cloud (if you’re a high VG e liquid fan) and a clearer flavour for those of you that prefer more PG in your e juice. As well as offering a better vaping experience, high quality eliquids last longer so you get more out of each vial. This makes them better value for money. Cheap and watered down e liquids simply don’t cut it and you will get through more e liquid over a shorter period of time. When you can choose high quality vaping juice at an affordable price it doesn’t make sense not to!

Get Other to Buy Your E Liquid For You

We’re not being as cheeky as you might think. If you want vaping to remain the most affordable option there’s no harm in asking family and friends to buy e liquid as a gift for your birthday or Christmas. E Liquids make great hamper items. With one pound vaping liquid, even a small birthday gift will go quite a long way. Alternatively, if you have vaping friends and family, get together occasionally and swap some flavours, giving you a chance to try something new without breaking the bank.

affordable vaping enjoymentIn Summary

There are so many reasons to switch from smoking to vaping and a big one (after health reasons of course) is that vaping is the more affordable option. There is some great advice here to help you cut the cost of your vaping experience while maximising your enjoyment. Here at ELiquidUK, we can that a win/win!

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