This article is all about big vape cloud know how. Before we get to that, there are a few things that you should consider.

One of the reasons that so many people move over from smoking to vaping, asides from the health and wealth benefits, is the fact that you have so many choices. You can choose the type and flavour of e liquids you want, the nicotine strength and the device. In this article we look at the different ways you can choose to enjoy extra vapour when you vape. If you haven’t enjoyed a thick, full and smooth vape before now, we’re here to show you how to get the best vapour possible.

What is Vapour?

When you smoke a cigarette you burn a dubious concoction of tobacco and toxic chemicals (according to the World Health Organisation) and inhale the smoke. When you vape there is no burning involved. You heat up e liquid which contains a base (a mix of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin), nicotine (or not) and flavourings. By heating the e liquid up (via a powerful lithium battery) you produce a flavoured vapour that you may enjoy inhaling and exhaling. Unlike tobacco smoke, e cigarette vapour is not toxic. In fact, Public Health England has declared it to be at least 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarette smoke.

The Best E Liquids For Extra Vapour

There are a number of ways to amplify your vapour, making it thicker, fuller and smoother. Many enjoy this type of vape and we can understand why. The vapour is infused with flavour and vaping this way can be incredibly pleasurable.

Start With High VG E Liquid for Big Vape Clouds

If you’re looking for big vape clouds you need to start with a high VG e liquid. This is an e liquid that has more vegetable glycerin than it does propylene glycol. VG is a naturally derived ingredient and when used in an e cigarette is responsible for producing larger amounts of flavoured vapour which may be inhaled and exhaled.

High VG e liquids are also naturally smoother whereas those with more PG tend to lean towards being a little harsher, which is fine if you’re looking for a firm throat hit. If instead, you want big vape cloud and fabulous flavour, our cheap high VG e liquids should be your first port of call.

Going One Step Further

If you really want to go one further, you might want to consider looking at sub ohm vaping. When you use a device which uses low resistance coils, namely any coil under 1.0 ohms this is called sub-ohm vaping. Use high VG e liquid in a sub ohm device and you will be amazed at the thickness of the big vape clouds that are produced. In basic terms, this extra vapour is both dense and flavoursome and is produced thanks to the e liquid being heated at a much higher temperature This also serves to make the taste of the vapour, the flavour, more intense than ever.

High VG or Sub Ohm Vaping

There isn’t a right or wrong answer here as both using high VG e liquids in a standard device and sub ohm vaping (also using the high VG e juices) will produce highly enjoyable big vape cloud fun every time! Using high VG e liquids alone, certainly when they come in as affordable as these one pound e liquids is the quickest, easiest and cheaper way to get your big vapour fix. Sub ohm vaping, while being a more advanced version of vaping, offers more vapour and more intensely amplified flavour than other e liquids and devices alone.

The final decision is down to you, how much vapour you crave and your vaping expertise in terms of using sub ohm coils and making sure you have a good understanding of the power implications of this type of vaping. There’s no reason not to try either or even both to see which big vape cloud forming method of vaping is for you.

*Please note: If choosing to sub ohm use no more than 6mg of nicotine as sub ohm vaping amplifies the nicotine too. Also, consider the fact that you will likely use more e liquid as it is heated up much faster.  Research sub ohm vaping fully before trying it out to ensure you enjoy the most enjoyable and the safest big vape cloud fun every time.

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