We all know, or should know by now, that smoking is bad for our health. There have been millions if not billions of pounds spent on public health campaigns to encourage smokers to quit. Public Health England is at the forefront of this quest and they advocate for the use of vaping as a valid and very often success cessation tool. We explain more about how that works and offer info on choosing your first vaping starter kit. It pays to start on the right foot!

When switching from smoking to vaping it can take time to get used to your new hobby and the routines that go along with it. Habits and routines are what make giving up smoking so hard, not necessarily "just" nicotine withdrawal. Let us explain.

Why is Giving Up Smoking So Darn Hard?

Everyone assumes that when you give up smoking it is the nicotine that you miss and the nicotine that stops you giving up successfully. This may be true in some ways but it is not the full story. 

Scientists and researchers have shown that there is so much more to smoking addiction than just nicotine. As a smoker you become used to the hand to mouth action, the inhale and exhale action, to having something in your hand and even the social aspect. These disappear overnight when you give up smoking cold turkey. When you consider how smoking has become part of your life it is hard to imagine a life without it. This is where vaping comes in and why choosing your first vaping starter kit will set you on a path of no smoking that you can enjoy and maintain.

Switching to Vaping For Quitting Successfully

Those who have found giving up smoking difficult or who want to give up the unhealthy parts of smoking but want to keep the parts they find enjoyable often consider vaping. Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking (at least) according to Public Health England. Using an e cigarette and flavoured e liquids also enables you to enjoy the same physical and social habits you would miss from smoking. E liquid contains nicotine in varying different strengths so you can avoid the nicotine withdrawal issue too and even gradually reduce your nicotine intake until you are using zero nicotine e liquids.  

It is easy to see now why so many people buy their first vaping starter kit and run with vaping instead of trying, often repeatedly, to give up smoking. Some do try to use Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) which only helps with nicotine withdrawal, not the other issues mentioned above. 

Getting Started With Vaping: Don't Be Fancy or Worry About The Jargon

Vaping comes with a whole new set of terms to remember and it might seem confusing at first. There are box mods and coils and so many more different types of devices but don't get bogged down with the details. There is no need to be thinking about different devices and so on when you are a vaping starter. You just need your first vaping kit. 

Vaping kits, or at least basic vaping starter kits anyway start from around £20-£25 and have everything in there that you need to get started. Concentrate on this to maximise your chances of success rather than thinking that you need fancy devices and the latest accessories. Keep it simple. There is plenty of time to upgrade later. 

Buying Your First Vaping Starter Kit

Exciting times. There are a few things to consider when getting started with vaping and buying your first vaping starter kit. A basic kit will have everything you need including a charger and starting instructions. Some will even contain a couple of e liquids. Other kits may offer more though will be slightly more expensive, though often still great value. Consider whether you might need a travel charger or a case when buying your kit and see what is available.

Make sure that you read the instructions and keep your first e cigarette clean and well maintained and you will have everything that you need.

What E Liquids To Choose For Your First Vaping Starter Kit

One of the most wonderful things about vaping is the amount of choice that you have. You can choose your nicotine strength, the type of e liquid and of course the e juice flavours you prefer. It can be confusing if you don't know what you are looking for which is where this blog post comes in.

E Liquid Flavours To Get You Started

There are hundreds or perhaps thousands of e liquid flavours to choose from. Don't let that faze you. You only need a few to get you started and you don't need to go mad and buy loads. Most vapers tend to choose a tobacco flavour (there are many but if you want something special consider the RY4), something menthol flavoured, something fruity and something sweet. You'll soon work out which ones are for you and which aren't with these vape tips and by trial and error. 

What About E Liquid Types?

t Yes, there are different types of e liquids but again, don't worry about this. It's fairly simple once you know what is what. Once you've read this section simply check which e liquids are available (if any) with the vaping starter kit you have chosen.

All e liquids are made up of flavourings, base liquids and nicotine unless they are nicotine-free ones of course. The base liquid is made up of PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin). Both of these ingredients are found in foods, medicines and more and are not harmful. 

Vegetable Glycerin is a naturally occurring ingredient which may have a slight sweetness to it and it is thicker than Propylene Glycol. VG is best known for being the base type that is great for big vape clouds as it produces a thick, full and flavoursome vapour.

Propylene Glycol is colourless and odourless. It is best known for offering excellent clarity of flavour. Many find that PG offers a harsher inhale which means that it produces a throat hit, that gravelly feel in the back of your throat you used to get when smoking, that is firmer than VG.

These two base liquids make up the base of your vaping juice and they are used in different ratios. High VG e liquids are very popular with those looking for a smoother and flavoursome vape. They are also great for vape cloud chasers and sub ohm vapers. A high VG e liquid will contain usually 70% VG to 30% PG or above. Some enjoy a 50/50 mix while others look for e liquids with more PG in it.  

The other type of e liquid that you might see is a short fill. These are zero nicotine e liquids with a space in the bottle for you to add the nicotine shot included for free or for you to add your own nicotine to the bottle. These are particularly useful if you want to customise your nicotine strength or want a higher strength level than the TPD now allow retailers to sell (this is a blog post all of its own). 

All Things Nicotine

You have a choice about what nicotine strength you want in your e liquids. First though, a word of warning. If you've just bought your first vaping starter kit and are looking to switch over to vaping from smoking make sure you don't choose a vaping liquid with too much nicotine. Stick to the level that you are used to from smoking or less. 

If you jump up nicotine levels too quickly and end up with too much nicotine you will likely feel nauseous, dizzy and experience quite a headache. Choose nicotine levels that are like for like and gradually increase or decrease to suit your need. This is something else that vaping offers that smoking doesn't, the ability to customise your nicotine intake.

First Vaping Starter Kit Info: In Conclusion

When you switch over to vaping from smoking you need a vaping starter kit, some e liquids and that's it. While the startup costs of vaping are more than cigarettes vaping is usually significantly cheaper long term. It costs approximately £25 for a starter kit compared to around £10 for one packet of twenty cigarettes. A packet of tobacco cigarettes won't last anywhere near as long as a vaping kit does, although they do eventually need replacing and new e liquids need to be purchased. 

There are many different types of e cigarettes, e liquids, accessories and more tech available as well as a fair amount of jargon to get to grip with. This is only a thing though if you decide to explore more advanced vaping. If keeping it simple is for you, grab a starter kit, a couple of extra e liquids and enjoy a healthier and more affordable hobby.

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