Vaping has been widely recognised as being an incredibly useful and successful tool to help people give up smoking. Not only do smokers themselves advocate for their use, having quit smoking themselves by using them as a cessation device but there is much public support too. Public Health England, for example, are staunch supporters of the vaping industry, recognising vaping as being at least 95% less harmful than tobacco smoking is. What we (we being everyone!) need to do is to look at what is stopping more people from switching to vaping. Some of their distrust is reportedly coming from a lack of understanding around vaping side effects.

There are Vaping Side Effects?

Yes, there may be side effects associated with vaping. As a reputable vaping retailer we won’t pretend otherwise. When it comes down to it, the small risk of vaping side effects just don’t compare to the incredibly serious harm that smoking tobacco cigarettes does, or at least that is our opinion. This piece offers you the opportunity to learn more about what is and what isn’t a vaping side effect so that you can make up your own mind on this issue.

Should We Panic About Vaping Side Effects

No. You will not turn into a mutant, your head won’t spin and you won’t lose any of the superpowers that you had before moving over to vaping. These side effects tend to be irritating as opposed to actually harmful or dangerous. That said, anyone who is feeling unwell (whether vaping or not) for a prolonged period of time should seek appropriate advice, whether that is from their pharmacist, via NHS 111 or by seeing their GP.

While side effects or by-products of switching from tobacco smoking to vaping is rare it is still worthwhile being away of what these are and their potential side effects.

Vaping Side Effects:  Dry Mouth

This is a common side-effect of vaping and one that is often very easily solved. Dry mouth when vaping is usually something that passes on its own or when increasing your water intake. When this doesn’t alleviate the dry mouth sensation it could be worthwhile switching around the e liquids that you use. When you buy an e liquid the base is typically made up of a combination of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Both offer vapers something slightly different. For example, VG offers a smoother vape with the potential for big vape clouds. PG, however, offers a sharper clarity of flavour and a harsher throat hit (favoured by ex-smokers who have recently switched to vaping). PG can, for some, cause dry mouth. If this is the case for you it may be worthwhile switching from an e liquid with a higher PG base to a higher VG base. This often helps after a few days.

Coughing When You Vape

Coughing when starting with vaping can be a side effect, but it may not be. In most cases, if you cough when you start vaping, having given up smoking (switched over) you might well find that this is purely a case of your body getting rid of the nasties associated with smoking. You are withdrawing essentially, even though you can still have the same nicotine strength that you are used to when moving over. You would likely experience the same cough for a period of time after stopping smoking if you had decided to give up smoking “cold turkey” rather than switching to e cigarettes.

While this is the most common reason for coughing when starting vaping it isn’t the only one. Propylene Glycol, the base liquid in most flavoured e liquids can be a little harsher for some people than others. You may also be sensitive or intolerant to it, although that is very rare. If you are coughing after giving up smoking and this doesn’t go away it is worth thinking switching your e liquids to ones with less PG and more VG in the base. Again, VG can be smoother and less harsh on the throat so this is definitely worth a go, especially if you are a fan of a thick, full and smooth vape.

Of course, the coughing and/or any PG sensitivity may also cause a sore throat. This could be a standalone vaping side effect or caused by the above. The same applies with a sore throat as with coughing, it could be a side effect of giving up smoking so if it doesn’t ease off itself try reducing the PG content in your e liquid.

Again, it is important to remember that if you have a persistent cough or health issue that you should seek medical advice. This is true whether you have started vaping or not.

Nicotine Related Vaping Side Effects

Cigarettes contain nicotine (amongst other things!) and so do e liquids for e cigarettes. This is the only similarity between smoking and vaping. Vaping, however, offers vapers the opportunity to choose from a number of different nicotine strength and even zero nicotine e liquid. When switching from smoking to vaping it is important to choose the same nicotine level that you are used to or a lower one. Too much nicotine can make someone feel quite poorly, even nauseous. If you want to increase your nicotine strength it is wise to do so gradually. If, once moving over to vaping you find yourself feeling light-headed, a little dizzy or even a bit sicky, drop your nicotine level.

A nicotine-related top tip is to be mindful of how you are vaping. If you have jumped straight in with both feet and are sub ohm vaping (vaping with low resistance coils at a high temperature)be aware that the absolute maximum amount of nicotine you should be using is 6mg. The reason for this is that vaping in this way amplifies the strength of the e liquid you have in your e cigarette. Bear this in mind if you are thinking that how you are feeling might be a vaping-related side effect.

Vaping and Headaches

Having read the above, you can probably work out what we are going to write next. A headache after switching from smoking to vaping or walking away from smoking altogether is common. Make sure that you drink plenty, that you give yourself time to get used to your new hobby and rid your body of the smoking-related nasties. If you have a cough (see above) you could find that constant coughing will cause headaches too. If you rule out your headaches as being a vaping-related side effect and they still persist make sure that you see your pharmacist or GP.

Vaping Side Effects

While not everyone has a vaping side effect, it can happen. While more often than not these symptoms are more to do with your body ridding itself of the toxins and whatnot associated with smoking it is worth knowing how to alter your way of vaping in case you are experiencing a vaping side effect.

In the majority of cases vaping side effects are temporary and when compared to the ongoing and long term consequences of smoking many consider vaping worth a try!

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