Once again studies have shown a huge difference between smoking and vaping. The US California Department of Public Health have released findings to support the fact that second-vapour from e cigarettes is harmless to non-vapers.

The same cannot be said of tobacco cigarette smoke. Studies have shown that tobacco cigarette smoke contains a number of toxic chemicals that can cause illness and cancer (according to the World Health Organisation). After Public Health England, the government group responsible for all matters relating to public health, awareness and harm reduction, received confirmation that passive smoking could be just as harmful for non-smokers breathing in tobacco smoke unwillingly, they shut passive smoking down.

In order to dramatically reduce the risk of passive smoking Public Health England instigated and implemented the Go Smoke Free ban of 2007. This legislation made it illegal to smoke in public places, including at work, on public transport, in cafes and bars, public buildings and more.

Having recognised the fact that passive smoking was causing real harm new legislation was later added which has made smoking in a car illegal if minors are present. Clearly the dangers of passive smoking have been well understood. Now we just need a little more awareness around what flavoured e liquids are, what vapour is and how e cigarettes work in order to banish public misconceptions.

Vaping Awareness

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Fast forward to vaping. There are many myths surrounding vaping, much of which has been caused by misrepresentation in the media (thanks media!) and a general lack of awareness of what vaping is and how it works. Early last year (2018) Public Health England released their long-awaited vaping review which showed that vaping is at least 95% less harmful that tobacco smoking of any kind and as such should be something encouraged in those who are looking to quit smoking but who are perhaps finding traditional methods unsuccessful.

Public Health England are clear that passive vaping, i.e. someone breathing in e liquid vapour from someone else’s e cigarette is completely harmless. These findings are also now confirmed by a study undertaken in the US.

California Public Health Conform Vaping Truths

A comprehensive study which involved the testing of the air in vaping shops and which tested for over twenty chemicals took place in California recently. The tests were run in this scenario, i.e. in an enclosed space with lots of vapour, so as to gain results which clearly showed air quality results in the most extreme situations. None of the chemicals tested for were present in any of the tests, thereby confirming that passive vaping is not at all dangerous or harmful to non-vapers.

What About Popcorn Lung Though?

Popcorn lung is a serious lung disease officially named Bronchiolitis Obliterans. This disease is causes by breathing in high concentrations of diacetyl over a long period of time. Diacetyl is a butter-like flavour enhancer and was frequently used in popcorn production and other similar foods. This is relevant because some early e liquids contained the diacetyl flavouring. Extensive testing has shown that even the very heaviest of vapers, vaping constantly could not be harmed by the minute levels of diacetyl in those few e liquids that used them. To reassure the public diacetyl is no longer used in flavoured e juice, despite the fact that evidence shows that even if it were present, it couldn’t cause popcorn lung.

In Conclusion

The latest research and review from the Californian Department of Public Health adds another authoritative voice to the truth about passive vaping and the differences between vaping and smoking. Hopefully addition research, such as the Public Health England Evidence Vaping Review will help more people realise that vaping and smoking are nothing alike. It is also hoped that additional awareness about the benefits of vaping as a cessation device and as e cigarettes as the healthier alternative to smoking will encourage more people to stop smoking. We can but hope!

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