We’ve heard of big tobacco companies looking at heated tobacco and seen reports of companies offering vitamin e liquids (which have no health or wellbeing basis) and more, but we have to admit, the FDA’s latest e liquid discovery is a new one on us. The FDA has had to give a vaping manufacturing company in the USA a warning after they included prescription drugs in their e liquids. These drugs are both aimed towards helping with erectile dysfunction. We kid you not. We are very proactive regarding safe vaping so this was something of a shock.

Two e liquids fraudulently marketed as being “FDA Approved” when they weren’t have caused much concern amongst officials responsible for ensuring such products are used as per rules and regulations. The two drugs in question were Sildenafil and Tadalafil, both of which are popular active drugs used in well-known drugs prescribed to men with erectile dysfunction issues.

The FDA have issued warnings to any potential consumers who may have bought these e liquids. By not labelling the e liquids correctly (The TPD here in the UK would have a field day!) the manufacturing company have caused themselves more trouble as these types of drugs are not permitted to be sold in any capacity other than via prescription and health warnings should be given to men and women in certain risks groups. These types of drugs are dangerous for anyone with heart issues, anyone who is diabetic, on high blood pressure medication and more. The FDA has urged anyone who has bought these specific products to not use them at all and to report any and all side effect to their reporting department. Other copyright and advertising infringements are likely to befall the company in question who did not react to an initial warning by stopping production or the selling of these e liquids.

Why is This So Bad?

When you buy any e liquid from us here at E Liquid UK you do so with full knowledge of what is in the bottle. You know that despite buying cheap one pound e liquid that the quality of our eliquids are not in question. The TDP strictly monitor the sale of e liquid and the introduction of any new e liquids to the market. Quite frankly we were appalled to read the reports of what is potentially a very dangerous and clearly blatant disregard of FDA rules.

The e liquids that you buy from retailers in the UK are bound by rules and regulations, and contact base liquid (a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in various ratios), water, flavourings and nicotine, unless of course, you choose a zero nicotine e liquid. There are no nasties and any reputable retailer will not make unsubstantiated claims about vaping and your health.

This type of safety disregard makes us so cross because firstly it puts people in harm’s way and secondly because it gives e liquid a bad name. This is a rare occurrence and is certainly not something that we would expect to see here in the UK.

Please stick to buying your e liquids from recognised retailers such as us so that you may enjoy your vaping experience without worry or concern  

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