Many people think that vaping can be complicated when the truth is that using an e cigarette is incredibly simple. It can be as easy as you like. There are different ways to use your e cigarette too that will enhance your enjoyment without making things complicated. These are just a few of these ways and are great vaping know-how tips whether you are a new vaper or someone looking to review their existing technique in order to mix things up a bit.

With a cigarette you simply open a packet, light one up with a cigarette lighter and breathe in the smoke, which according to the World Health Organisation is filled with toxic ingredients and is very harmful. Easy enough to do. When you switch to e cigs you fire up the device and inhale the flavoured vapour produced by the heating up of a cheap e liquid (no toxic ingredients). This is the standard vaping method and works for everyone. A few tweaks can go a long way, however. Keep reading to find out more about how vaping and how you are in control of your own enjoyment.

Use the Side of Your Mouth

Don't pucker up and vape from the front of your mouth. Instead move your e cigarette to the side of your mouth that is closest to the hand you hold the e cigarette with and vape from that side. This will make it easier to vape and allows your chosen vapour flavour to wash over your tastebuds, allowing you to savour the flavour more fully. A very small change to your vaping technique but one which does make a difference.

Wait Before You Vape

Yes, vaping is instant. Just press the button or inhale to activate/start the process as usual. Or, wait a few seconds. Certainly no more than four or five. This will enable the atomizer to thoroughly heat up, which we find offers you a somewhat more flavoursome first draw as it is primed and ready for you in all its glory. That little bit of patience goes a long way with any type of e liquid and when you are looking for vaping know-how that will make your vapour tastier than ever.

Hold Your E Cigarette Differently

Believe it or not, how you hold your e cigarette may also have an effect on how much you enjoy the habit. Think about how you hold your e cigarette. If you hold it between your thumb and index finger you will find this a lot more comfortable (unless you have a huge box mod or similar). Ease of use goes a long way towards building an enjoyable vaping hobby that works for you. Practice this a few times and you’ll soon feel the difference.

Vaping Know-How: Alter Your Technique

The way many vapers takes- a draw on their e cigarette is to opt for a direct to lung vape. This means that the e cig is activated and the vaper, as the name suggests, inhales their favourite flavoured e liquid directly into their lungs then exhales it again. There is nothing wrong with this method and it can be very pleasurable.

There is another way though. Have you tried mouth to lung? Mouth to lung vaping is where you draw e liquid into your mouth and instead of fully inhaling it you roll it around your mouth for a few seconds, savouring the flavour more fully. This technique can take some getting used to, however, if you were looking for vaping know-how that will enhance your vaping enjoyment this is definitely a technique worth trying.

Choose E Liquid That Suits You

vanilla custard e liquid
With so many e liquids available it is easy to find ones that suit you perfectly!

Of course, you know that you have countless e liquid flavours to choose from. You are spoilt for choice. There are many surprising flavours as well as those you may have heard of but are yet to try. One little piece of vaping know-how that some people overlook however is that you can also choose the base type that suits you.

To explain further we need to make sure that you know what is in an eliquid. There is a base, nicotine (if required) and flavourings. The base is usually made up of a combination of two base liquids, Propylene Glycol (or PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). You find these two base ingredients in different ratios. High VG e liquids are perfect for big vape cloud chasers and those looking for a smoother vape where ejuices with more PG in them tend to boast a brilliant clarity of flavour but also a firmer throat hit; a harshness at the back of the throat when you inhale the vapour. Which base type and at what ratio suits you best is entirely up to you. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Vaping Know-How: In Summary

If you want to boost your e liquid flavours, make vaping easier/more comfortable and find your vaping groove these vaping know-how top tips are a pretty good place to start. Give them a go and if you have any questions, just let us know.

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