Vaping has become increasingly popular for a variety of reasons which makes vaping outside the house so much easier!. Initially, it was met with suspicion or even scorn, primarily due to a lack of understanding, not to mention a fair amount of biased media reporting. These days the difference between smoking and vaping is much better understood and with many organisations advocating for vaping and e cigarettes as a valid and preferred alternative to smoking, as well as being a useful cessation device more and more are giving it a go.


One of the big differences between smoking and vaping, outside, of course, of the health implications, not to mention the cost, is the fact the smoking is very much frowned upon both in the court of public opinion as well as the actual courts. With the Go Smoke Free legislation of 2007 now governing where people may smoke it is easier than ever to see why vaping is a good idea. You may not smoke in work, on public transport, in cafes, bars and so on. Vaping is not governed by the same laws but property owners and businesses can decide whether or not they allow this within their premises. This is something to consider when you think about vaping outside the house.


Vaping Around Others

When it comes to smoking it is universally recognised that this is a no go. Studies have shown that passive smoking can be as damaging to those inhaling second-hand smoke as it is for the tobacco smoker themselves. Basically, if you choose to smoke do not do it around others. Smoking in cars in the UK is now banned if there are minors in the car. Vaping is very different in this aspect.

It has been scientifically proven that vaping is not harmful to passive vapers (those breathing in e liquid vapour) and in addition to this, Public Health England released their public reviewing in vaping in 2017, announcing findings that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking. It is expected that the remaining 5% will follow suit once studies have been completed over a much longer period of time. So, vaping around others is not harmful however it is also not polite. While someone may not be harmed by vapour that does not mean that they want to be wrapped in a cloud of banana vapour.

When vaping around others please be aware that while it is not illegal or harmful, it is good manners not to vape next to people who don’t vape themselves, who are eating or may just not like it.


Vaping When in a Car

Whether you are a driver or a passenger please be aware that while vaping in a car is not illegal you need to be aware of the safety implications of this. When e liquids are heated they produce a thick vapour, thicker still if you prefer high VG e liquids or sub ohm vaping. This could easily impede the vision of the driver. Again, while vaping in a car is not illegal you need to be aware that if you are in an accident or cause an accident while vaping that you could be looking at a dangerous driving charge. It would not be unreasonable to expect a vaping ban in cars to be implemented at some point, purely from a safety point of view. Make sure that you keep on top of current vaping legislation when driving, whether you are in the UK or abroad otherwise your vaping outside the house might not end as you'd imagined.




Vaping Abroad

While much of the world is pro-vaping and it is becoming increasingly popular, there are certain areas and even whole countries who, for a variety of reasons are not fans and may have even banned vaping altogether. It is your responsibility to check with your destination country about what the current laws regarding vaping are. Not following local laws may result in a number of consequences, from losing your e cigarette, e liquids and everything else or a more serious charge.


Flying with vaping kit is something else you need to check up on in advance. Realistically most airlines are happy for you to travel with e liquids and devices, provided they are appropriately packed and follow current rules on transporting liquids. Again, whether or not you can pack e cigarette paraphernalia in hold luggage or whether they are allowed only in carry on is something that you need to check. It pays to ensure you know what in what is advance in order to avoid delays, additional costs and problems down the road.


vaping outside the homeVaping Away From Home Safely

When it comes to vaping outside the house you need to think about you will transport your e cigarette and your e liquids. The batteries that power e cigs are lithium batteries. These are high powered batteries and the same or similar to ones that power mobile phones. If you carry them around loose in your bag or in your pocket there is a good chance that they will bang together and that this could cause the somewhat explosive reaction that you occasionally hear about on social media and the likes. In addition to this, you need to make sure that your e cigarette is properly switched off and therefore will not accidentally activate in your pocket. Accidents when vaping outside of the home are rare however making sure you eliminate the risk entirely would be the best choice.


Have a look for a case or similar which enables you to carry your e cigarette and e liquids safely and securely.


Vaping Outside the House

Vaping is much more sociable than smoking, mostly because there are is so much more information available about how vaping actually works and the benefits of switching from smoking and vaping. As long as you remember to read and check the fine print from your airline, ensure that you are adhering to local and national vaping rule, drive safely when vaping (or don’t vape when driving) and keep your ecig and e liquids safe and secure when vaping outside the home all will be well.

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