This is a somewhat unusual topic for us. When it comes to vaping we are keen to embrace new flavours and cutting edge technology. What we do struggle with is when untested ideas attached to vaping hit the market and are available to the general public without regulation. This is our concern with vaping vitamins.

Yes, you can now vape vitamins apparently. There is a growing trend for throwaway/disposable vaporisers enabling people to vape their daily vitamins rather than take a tablet or capsule.  Some individuals even fill their generic e cigarettes with them. If you think that we are concerned about vaping vitamins, the FDA is similarly conflicted. We can understand why!

The FSA and Vaping Vitamins

Regulating vitamin vapes is a bit difficult as vitamins are available over the counter and the vitamin vapes do not contain any tobacco ingredients and no nicotine. While vaping vitamins is tending to be more of an American “thing” right now and a problem for the FSA, it is easy to imagine that it won’t be long before it becomes a UK issue. The Tobacco Products Directive here in the UK would also struggle to define vaping vitamins as again, the vaporisers that are disposable are not used with any nicotine-containing products and don’t have any tobacco in them. E cigarettes themselves are not regulated here in the UK, it is our high quality yet cheap one pound e liquids that fall under the TPD, not the devices themselves.

It’s certainly something that needs be looked at in more detail. Should vitamins be taken this way? Are there any health implications? Could you vape too many or too high a level of vitamins than recommend edand could this cause health issues over time? These are all important questions that need to be answered. Similarly where access to vaping e liquids is limited to age 18 year here in the UK and 21 years in many US states, what’s to stop younger people vaping vitamins at will? There are still a lot of questions.

E Cigarettes and Vitamin Vaping

While vitamin “e liquids”, and we’re not sure they should be able to use the same e liquid term, are sold they are considered to be supplements. This means that they aren’t regulated. What the FDA can say though is that if vitamin vapers are using e cigarettes made specifically for vaping is that this could be a way to introduce potential oversight and regulations. This is because these e cigs are specifically designed for use with nicotine-containing products and e liquids. It’s a thin line but this could be enough to activate legal regulation of vaping vitamin products. If nothing else the risk could encourage companies producing vaping vitamins to create their own delivery devices specifically created for vitamins and not to be used with e liquids.

Is It Ok To Use Vaping Vitamins

Right now it is entirely legal to vape vitamins. Whether this is the case moving forward remains to be seen. We would certainly advise caution over putting anything other than flavoured e liquids with a PG/VG base into an e cigarette, as per manufacturer instructions. It is possible that vaping vitamins could damage the coil in your e cigarette or more. As these products are not regulated we would suggest being very careful how you use them and to check the ingredients and the strengths/amounts carefully.

Generally speaking, most of us can get the vitamins we need from our food and our environment without needing to vape vitamins or use supplements. If you do need to take a vitamin supplement to deal with a deficiency that’s of course fine. We’d just advise our customers to be aware of the difference between e liquids and vaped vitamins and the lack of regulation as well as the lack of formal testing about the wisdom of vaping vitamins. Talking of the environment, there are of course additional issues to consider when it comes to mass-producing disposable or throwaway vaping vitamins.

What is your opinion on vaping vitamins?

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