We always love to hear news about more people embracing vaping and in Gloucestershire, they have embraced it wholeheartedly. It turns out that this area is something of a vaping hotspot, boasting twice as many vaping shops as many areas. And of course, there are those who will be buying e liquids online from reputable retailers like our good selves. The best news is that these vaping champions will be reaping all the benefits of vaping as well as those associated with not smoking.

Gloucestershire Vaping Champions Rule Ok

We do just have to take a minute to appreciate this area’s dedication to the vaping cause. With eleven brick and mortar vaping shops plus online retailers it is clear that the locals have embraced vaping and are running with it. We don’t have data obviously on how many people have used Stop Smoking Services and similar or who have then quit smoking thanks to taking up vaping but we are willing to guess that there are quite a few people now neither smoker or vaping thanks to having used e cigarettes as an unofficial cessation device. Well done Gloucestershire folk, you are prioritising your health and your wealth by choosing to switch from smoking to vaping.

Why is this Such Good News?

We think Gloucestershire is a fabulous place to visit, live and work this is not why we are so hyped up about their vaping champions news. The reason for our excitement is that this rise in vaping shops and clearly vapers means that the odds are that there are fewer smokers. More often than not individuals start vaping because they were a smoker first and are looking to find a cheaper and healthier alternative or haven’t been able to quit smoking without extra help and hope vaping will help them achieve this.

Attitudes to vaping have, in the past, been fairly mixed. The uptake of vaping has been incredible and far more people have turned to the smoking alternative, and quicker than predicted. Clearly there was a need for something like the modern e cigarette. While the popularity of vaping has rocketed though, there are still many who mistrust vaping and who aren’t convinced. Thankfully attitudes are changing, helped along by excellent public health campaigns and certainly not hurt by Public Health England releasing a vaping review in 2018 which wholeheartedly supported vaping as an alternative to smoking.

Much work has gone into dispelling myths and making people understand the dangers of smoking and the differences between smoking and vaping so that anyone interested can make an informed choice. Judging by the number of vaping shops in Gloucestershire itself we have some true vaping champions on our hands, showing increased approval for e cigarette use and uptake.

There’s every reason to believe that other areas that are already pro-vaping will expand their vaping bases too, hopefully encouraging those other areas where smoking is more common to make the switch.

Vaping Champions in Conclusion

Gloucester vapers are getting quite the good press when it comes to vaping and e liquids at the moment, despite, we’re sure, them probably not thinking that they’ve done anything to deserve it. They may not have actively campaigned for vaping but their proactive acceptance is exactly what was needed in terms of making the area so vaping friendly. If PHE manages to push through some of the pro-vaping legislation they are looking for, including fewer restrictions when it comes to access to vaping at work. We expect Gloucestershire to be amongst some of the first locations to embrace any new rules.

What are vaping attitudes like where you live? Is vaping commonly seen or is smoking still very much at the forefront in your area?

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