There is something of a myth, not just in the vaping world but everywhere that if something is worth having it is worth paying for. In some instances this is true but not always. When it comes to cheap e liquid you really can have your cake and eat it (another popular saying, and this time so much nicer sounding). Yes, it is entirely possible, in fact, it is easy to enjoy a top spec vape using cheap e liquid and we’re going to tell you how.

First of all, before diving into the world of cheap e liquids just a word of caution. Cheap is only cheap if it doesn’t cost you in the long run. You’ll understand more about that when you read the rest of this article. Here at we wanted to assure you straight away that we may be incredibly cheap but that we also value quality and safety as our top priorities. With us you get all of the benefits of cheap e liquid and none of the downsides. Talking of which…..

What Are Cheap E Liquids

Cheap, inexpensive, affordable, they all basically mean the same thing, you pay less for your e juice. It is entirely possible to enjoy flavoured e liquid for just one pound and enjoy a truly fabulous vaping experience. These e liquids are no different to any other e liquids in terms of them still having a base liquid (a PG/VG mix in varying ratios), containing nicotine in varying strengths (or not) and flavourings. They don’t have fancy branding, are bulk produced in order to be cheaper and are simply sold at a different price point in order to appeal to a vaper looking for cheaper eliquid. You aren’t choosing a poor quality e liquid, far from it.

Cheap E Liquid Quality and Safety

When it comes to cheap e liquid people assume that poor quality ingredients are used. Not here they aren’t. Indeed they are made up from top pharmaceutical grade ingredients using the best production methods and adhering to all quality standards.

All e liquids, from the more costly cult favourites to the £1 e juices all need to adhere to safety standards and the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive). These rules and regs are strictly enforced so that you know that all new e liquids brought to market have been rigorously tested and that manufacturers of e liquids face the same level of hygiene and safety checks as they would if they were producing chicken nuggets (for example).

When you buy your e liquids from a reputable retailer you know that all of these checks have been made and that what it says on the label is indeed what is included in the bottle of e liquid. E liquid that has rolled off the back of a lorry are unlikely to have been checked and quite frankly can include anything. Not using e liquid with the best ingredients and risking using unknown e liquid ingredients can be harmful to you health and of course might damage your e cigarette. Poorly made e liquids are not going to be of a decent quality and health and safety implications aside are not going to last very long, therefore, you’re not likely to save any money longer-term because you’ll be getting through bottles quicker. It’s really not worth getting cheap e liquid that isn’t genuinely cheap eliquid.

Cheap E Liquid Doesn’t Mean Bad Service

If you are buying a lower priced e liquid and you choose to do so from a reputable retailer the cost might be lower however, everything else should be just the same. By this we mean your shopping experience and the level of customer service that you experience. For example, our e liquids are only a pound each but that doesn’t mean that we don’t value our customers and it certainly doesn’t mean that we don’t work hard to ensure they are 100% happy with their service.

Cheap E Liquid: In Conclusion

One of the things that vapers love about vaping is the variety. This means that instead of being stuck with one or two flavours like you would be with smoking, you open the doors to the wonderful world of flavours. Choose from drink flavours, tobacco flavours, sweet treats, fruity flavours and so many more. When you choose one pound e liquids or less you can experiment with flavours without breaking the bank!

Generally speaking vaping is cheaper than tobacco smoking. With a pack of twenty cigarettes costing around £10 and (literally) going up in smoke after a single use, it’s easy to see how £1 ejuice that lasts longer is going to be a winner. Imagine how much you could save over time when choosing our cheaper e liquids compared to tobacco cigarettes.

If you want to enjoy the vaping experience but don’t want to spend too much of your monthly budget on vaping these kinds of cheap, well-made, authentic e liquids, backed up with excellent customer service and peace of mind is most definitely the way to go.

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